How To Clean A Rose Gold Ring

How To Clean A Rose Gold Ring

Luxurious rose gold is becoming more and more popular. In addition to its unique appealing look, rose gold is also the easiest type of gold to take care of. It doesn’t scratch or dent as easily as yellow gold or turn yellow the way white gold does. There are easy steps you can take at home to keep your rose gold rings looking beautiful.
How To Clean A Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold Patina

All gold jewelry is actually a gold alloy. This is done because pure gold is a metal that is too soft to be made into practical jewelry. The primary other metal in rose gold is copper. It is the copper that gives the rose gold its distinctive look.
While gold does not oxidize or react to the air, copper does. The change of color that happens when the copper in the rose gold is exposed to air is called patina. You can easily remove the patina from your gold ring, but a little bit of patina is considered a benefit in some antique circles. 
If you like the look of the patina, it might represent to you the long time you’ve had the ring and the many things you have gone through in life while wearing that ring. You might enjoy the weathered look. If you want to keep the ring looking brand new, you can protect it and clean the patina off of it.

Protect And Clean Your Rose Gold

Rose gold is stronger than yellow gold and white gold, but you should still protect your rose gold rings. Take your ring off before swimming, showering, washing your hands, cleaning with harsh chemicals, or doing any activity that would expose the rings to force or chemicals. Even sweat could damage the rings over time, as well as hand lotion, so take off your ring before heavy exertion or applying lotion.

Gently Clean Rose Gold

There are several methods to gently clean your rose gold. You can dry wipe it, use warm soap and water, or salt and vinegar.

Dry Wiping

Dry wiping works well for daily cleaning. You can gently rub your rose gold ring with a soft cotton cloth. Eyeglass cleaner clothes work great for this. This will polish it and remove any oils, sweat, or dirt on your ring to make it shiny.

Wet Wiping

Dipping the cloth in warm dish soap and water or vinegar can clean your ring more thoroughly than just dry wiping it. 

Soaking In Water Or Vinegar

You can also soak the ring in a bin of warm soapy water then swish it around in another bin that just has warm water in it so the ring is completely rinsed. Use a clean cloth to dry it. 
Another soaking method is to cover the ring in vinegar and add salt until the salt doesn’t dissolve anymore. This soaking method takes one minute. Then you could rinse and dry it like with the soapy water method
If your ring has porous stones such as opals or pearls, it should not be submerged in water or vinegar, so you would just have to wipe it with warm soapy water, avoiding the stones.

More Questions About Cleaning Rose Gold?

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