Rose Gold Wedding Bands

One-of-a-Kind Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Jewelry has always been a way to express our feelings for one another. Whether for a friend, family member, or the love of your life, jewelry, and rings in particular, often say: you are precious to me.

Never does this hold truer than when it comes to our wedding bands. They are symbols of not only our undying love but our commitment and fidelity. With a history that may predate the pyramids themselves, rings signaling commitment have been linked back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, along with the Persians themselves. 

While antiquity has given way to modernity, progress, and technology; while reeds and bone have given way to longer-lasting precious metals, the meaning is no less important today than it was to our ancestors of millennia past.

With this ring, I thee wed. There is power and solemnity in those words. No matter the language, custom, or culture, it is a phrase of great joy and celebration.

Why Luvari?

At Luvari, we are dedicated to ensuring that at least one part of your matrimonial journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. If selecting the right ring seems like a monumental task, rest easy. 

Our expert Gemologists can walk you through any questions and concerns you may have and focus on which style truly suits you! Browse through our absolutely stunning collection of Rose Gold Wedding Bands and see what catches your eye. In various sizes, karats, and finishes, each is, in its own right, spectacular!

Below are just some of your dozens of options:

Our Rembrandt collection offers three symmetrical groves which allow for a captivating style and opens the door for thousands of color combinations with which to express your truest self.

Our Gentileschi collection is both bold and solid, possessing a single offset groove for which you may choose a color to match the metal of the ring. 

Our Kahlo collection, inspired by the Mexican artistic legend herself, consists of a thick center groove, capable of displaying a single striking color, or a combination of two colors as suits your mood on any given day. 

Our gorgeous Monet collection, which will push boundaries and mesmerize strangers, possesses double offset grooves, allowing your playfulness to be on full display as you mix and match colors that reveal your day’s vibe.

And that’s just a few of the options from which you may select! All are crafted from the finest of 14k or 18k Rose Gold. Whether you choose a satin finish or high polish, a slim 2.5mm piece, or a bolder 6mm ring, you are going to absolutely love your choice!

Our Rose Gold collection is extensive and includes rings with combinations of White Gold and even Tungsten. Choices equal possibilities, and with Luvari, you’ll never run out of choices.