White Gold Wedding Bands

Beautiful White Gold Wedding Bands to Last a Lifetime

We love when our options are bountiful and seem nearly endless. Yet sometimes, if the fortunes smile upon us, all options become trivialities, and they are reduced to but the one. 

The One. Whose light we bask in and who is our home.

When this happens, there is little time to waste, and that’s where we come in. At Luvari, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, high-value products, and remarkably affordable prices. We love being a part of the sacred journey of our customers, a journey that binds them by hearts and souls and enjoins their families. 

About Our White Gold Engagement Rings

Honestly, few things are as precious as the day we wed, but why not commemorate it with a symbol that is as striking as it is elegant? Our collection of white gold wedding bands is second to none. 

With dozens of styles and hundreds of options, you never have to settle, as there is a perfect fit for everyone! Even better: perhaps you have a particular style in mind, which you saw in a movie or created from scratch. Our team of expert consultants will strive tirelessly until our design matches your vision, and we bring it to life!

The history of the wedding ring can be traced back as far as 6,000 years to the ancient Egyptians, who fashioned reeds, bone, and other non-metal materials for usage. Symbolism did not escape the Romans, who incorporated the practice into their culture but eventually began to use iron to craft the matrimonial rings, as they were far more durable and could literally last a lifetime.

As technology advanced, so too did the materials employed, so that now we often use precious metals to commemorate our vows. 

Why Luvari?

At Luvari, we engrave your inscriptions free of cost, no less than thrilled to be a part of your joy and the journey that is your union.

Our varied and prized selection includes:

Rings that are flat with a beveled edge or double beveled edge…

Rings with an elevated center and two grooves…

Rings which are domed with a slanted edge…

Rings with a diamond pattern and satin finish…

Rings with a rugged, hammer finish…

Rings with a diagonal groove, matte finish, diamond inserts, and the list goes on. 

There are hundreds of selections from which you may browse, all at prices nearly too good to be true! With a comfort-fit design and an interior carved with a dome shaping, it glides easily over the knuckle and rests snugly on your finger. You never have to worry about it slipping off or losing it. 

Why not reach out and let us make your ring selection smoother than you could have possibly imagined? Ace that one last step before your big day, and make your rings as unforgettable as your love!