Wedding Band Styles

Metal and finish are crucial aspects of a wedding ring, but don’t forget about the style and shape of the band when choosing the perfect ring. Even a simple curve on the band surface can completely change the look of the piece.

Surface Styles

  • 10K Yellow Gold, Domed Comfort Fit, High Polish, 5mm, Ring


    The surface of a domed ring has a deep curve that offers a rounded surface. Domed wedding rings are often paired with precious metals like gold and platinum. Our collection contains three band thickness options of domed rings: domed, light domed, and heavy domed.

  • 10K White Gold, Flat Comfort Fit, High Polish, 4mm, Ring


    Rather than the curved edges of domed and low dome wedding rings, flat wedding rings are more rectangular in shape. The flat style is popular among alternative metals like tungsten and titanium. It is also a much more modern look for a wedding ring.

  • 10K Rose Gold, Newport, Satin, 6mm, Ring


    With Newport wedding rings, you get two separate bands in one. The two rings are layered on top of each other to create two levels and a fun border. So rather than choose one metal for your wedding band, make a fun combination that will make your ring stand out.

  • 10K White Gold, Low Dome Comfort Fit, High Polish, 4.5mm, Ring


    Low dome wedding rings are rounded in the center and offer a convex shine that other rings don’t. The low dome gives you a more subtle curved look than standard domes do. Many people enjoy the happy medium that low domes offer between domed and flat wedding rings.

Edge Styles

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    10K White Gold, Step-Down Edge, Satin, 6mm, Ring



    A step-down edge mimics the Newport surface by creating a layered look. The edges are cut thinner than the middle of the band, giving the center of the ring a raised effect. The edges are usually high polish while the center has a satin or hammer finish.

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    10K White Gold and 10K Rose Gold, Beveled Edge with Two Grooves, Satin, 6mm, Ring


    Rings with a beveled edge have a sharp slope on the sides of the ring, creating a rounded feel even without a domed shape. It is a common addition to flat rings and usually has a high polish finish, which can create a contrast of finishes on rings with a satin center or another finish or design in the middle.

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    10K Yellow Gold, Milgrain Comfort Fit, High Polish, 4mm, Ring


    With a milgrain design, a row of tiny metal beads lines the edges of your ring. Not only can a milgrain edge offer a vintage feel, but it also acts as a frame, accentuating the shine or details of the ring. You can also find milgrain wedding bands with different sizes of beads.