Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Elegant Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

We were not meant to stride this earth alone. For much of civilized history, men and women have joined lives, produced children, and braved the unknown together. 

The wedding ring, with its rich and ancient history, has, for thousands of years, been a symbol of commitment between star-struck lovers who chose to join their lives and forever stand by one another. Long considered a symbol of eternal and unbreakable love, wedding bands have a history that dates back millennia. 

About Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

This time-honored symbol of commitment can be traced back to the same part of the world which is often credited for being the origin of civilization.  

The earliest archaeological evidence indicates that more than 6,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were exchanging bands of reed, leather, bone, or similar materials. 

Later civilizations, including the Greeks and the Romans, adopted the practice, weaving it into their respective cultures. Much like the Egyptians, they chose to wear the band on the fourth finger of their left hand, believing that it contained a vein that connected straight to the heart. 

The Romans named this vein Vena Amoris, meaning the vein of love. While it is the custom of some cultures to wear it on the right hand, the symbolism remains the same: a token, a vow, a life-long commitment.

Why Luvari?

At Luvari, we dedicate ourselves to offering the highest quality and design of wedding bands to our loyal customers. However, we recognize that the size of your wallet is not a reflection of the depth of your love. Nor should it be. As a result, we pride ourselves on affordability. 

Browse through our eclectic selection, which has a style for everyone, including the most discriminating of customers: you.

Our Warhol Ring, crafted in the spirit of Andy Warhol, is structured and yet has room for “creative expression.” 

Our Picasso Ring, with symmetrical lines on the edge of the ring, offers an elegant frame and yet room to explore and express. 

Our Newport Ring is most assuredly a classic but with a twist! It stacks two bands on top of one another to create a look of layered gold. It is the personification of depth, solidity, and tradition.

Our Van Gogh Ring, a minimalist piece that has a single offset groove, is striking and eminently wearable. With eleven different metals to choose from, its simplicity makes it all the more powerful.

Our Da Vinci Collection, which is positively divine, is inspired by the legendary painter, artist, and sculptor. Flash a touch of the Renaissance with this bold ring, which incorporates a single-centered groove. Express yourself by selecting the tone and color that most represents you!

On top of these, there are many more to select from. You can mix and match the colors and need not settle until you find the perfect combination that expresses your style and spirit!