Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

 Exquisite Hidden Halo Engagement 

When you know, you know. Your pulse may race and palms may sweat, but you see her with clear eyes and a full heart. And when that moment arrives, you know what must be done. You know the question must be asked. 

But first, you need a ring, a symbolic token of your heart, of your love and commitment. 

Your options may seem endless, but we can help you narrow them down. Consult with our expert gemologists who can both offer you advice and listen to your ideas. 

The classics are timeless and a striking gift in any era. Yet sometimes, we yearn for a style that is a bit more modern with a flair more unique to the now. The hidden halo engagement ring is a gorgeous twist on the classic halo engagement ring and is beloved in its own right. 

About Our Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Much like its sister, the hidden halo engagement ring consists of a central round stone that is surrounded by a halo of smaller, round-paved gemstones.

The benefit of these surrounding stones is that, not only do they redirect their shine towards the center stone to magnify its natural sparkle, but they also create an optical illusion, causing the center stone to appear up to half a carat larger than its actual size. In a world where perception matters, what a marvelous gift this design delivers to its wearer!

Adored by movie stars and entertainers, celebrities and royalty, the hidden halo engagement ring is the brash, glamour queen of engagement rings, demanding to be seen and complimented. Bold and sassy, larger than life, it is associated with health, vitality, and a certain joie de vivre. 

During the Victorian era, they often had colored center stones so as to imitate nature and her kaleidoscopic array of breathtaking flowers. 

Hidden Halos vs. Standard Halos

Yet what exactly distinguishes a halo ring from a hidden halo ring? Never subtle, the hidden halo is especially unconventional and offers a very unique look. The main difference lies in the diameter. If the diameter of the “halo” of gems surrounding the primary stone is larger than the center stone itself, it’s considered a halo ring. If it is smaller, then it is a hidden halo ring. 

Also, when it is a hidden halo setting, you won’t see the halo when the top center stone is facing you. It only becomes visible when viewed from the side, hence the “hidden” moniker. The stones on the halo ring are set to face upwards, while the stones on the hidden halo are set to face sideways. 

This beloved feature is a part of its unique charm and allows for more captivating sparkles, from a larger number of angles, than the traditional design offers. 

Imagine her delight when you propose, the perfect ring accentuating the most precious of moments!