Do Guys Wear Rose Gold Rings?

Do Guys Wear Rose Gold Rings?

When you think of gold, you usually picture yellow gold. White gold is also quite common, but rose gold has been particularly trendy over the past few years. Even though rose gold is often seen as dainty and feminine, it shouldn’t be off-limits for men! 

Do Guys Wear Rose Gold Rings?

Do Guys Wear Rose Gold Rings? 

Absolutely! Guys can wear rose gold rings just like girls can. Rose gold is an incredibly versatile color that can suit just about any wearer, so there’s no reason why a man can’t go for a rosy ring. 

Rose gold rings are also quite romantic. The name in and of itself conjures images of love and passion. What could be more appropriate for your wedding ring? 

Plenty of men avoid rose gold jewelry simply because they don’t want to look unmasculine. But rose gold is becoming more and more popular as a unisex option and is found in plenty of men’s jewelry. 

If you’re a man considering a rose gold ring, don’t be swayed by the traditional femininity of the style. When it comes to your wedding ring, you want a piece that you love and that you feel confident wearing. Rose gold can be an incredible choice and is worth considering! 

Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Rings

If you or your man is considering a rose gold ring, there are a few pros and cons to think about before making a purchase. 

We’ve already discussed a few benefits: the rose gold hue looks great on nearly any skin tone or with any outfit, and the added dose of romance never hurt anyone. On top of that, rose gold is more durable than white or yellow gold

To make rose gold, pure gold is combined with copper. The copper content helps strengthen the ring and makes it harder to dent or scratch the surface. This added durability makes rose gold a great option for men who frequently work with their hands. Plus, it means that your ring won’t tarnish or change color over the years, requiring less upkeep than other types of gold. 

Buyers on a budget may also find themselves gravitating toward rose gold. Because rose gold isn’t pure gold, and because copper is a relatively inexpensive alloy, rose gold jewelry tends to be less expensive than comparable pieces made of pure gold. 

One of the biggest cons of rose gold rings is the potential allergy hazard. Since rose gold contains copper, it’s not hypoallergenic. For those who have a copper allergy, this type of ring is, unfortunately, out of the question. 

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