Are Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are Gold Engagement Rings Tacky?

Gold engagement rings are the quintessential enduring classical choice for an engagement ring. Yellow gold with a solitaire diamond continues to be a very popular choice for couples to invest in for their engagement ring. That’s not tacky. But there is a train of thought, at least a few decades ago, that considered gold rings tacky. 

Fashion And Jewelry Trends

People started turning away from gold, especially yellow gold, in the 1990s. There was the grunge fashion style, but all fashion was toned down and conservative. Gold was considered to be too flashy to be worn as jewelry and this was reflected in engagement ring choices.
The height of the opinion that gold was tacky was a Sex and the City TV episode. Carrie Bradshaw, one of the main characters, became actually sick when she thought that her boyfriend was going to give her a gold engagement ring. Her view was that gold was a fun metal you wore when you don’t want to be taken seriously.

Gold Engagement Rings Are Not Tacky

If you feel the way Carrie Bradshaw does, by all means, get a different metal for your engagement ring. The engagement ring should be a reflection of the wearer and the love between the couple who is getting married. Carrie’s point wasn’t that gold is tacky or a poor choice for an engagement ring per se, it just wasn’t HER choice. 
In the show, that gold ring was actually meant for Carrie’s friend, Miranda. Miranda loves the ring. So it is really all just a matter of personal taste.
Yellow gold isn’t in itself tacky for an engagement ring. Any ring made from any metal can look tacky if it is too large, not balanced, too shiny, or just too much. 

Many Choices For Engagement Rings

Gold is a wonderful choice of metal for an engagement ring. At Luvari, we offer collections of yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, and rose gold engagement rings. We have the classic round center stone rings, but also the newer pear stones and oval stones. We offer collections of solitaire stones, rings with accent stones on the bands, stones surrounded by a halo of other small stones, and hidden halos of other stones.
In addition to all these choices, we often custom-make engagement rings for our customers. With this option, you can choose whatever metal band you would like for your engagement ring, and complement it with any gemstone. You can choose many gemstones for your ring or no stone at all.
Our master gemologists and designers can use our technologically advanced rendering process so you can see exactly what your ring will look like before we manufacture it. We can make a perfect ring just for you, based on the ideas that you have and we can provide you with advice based on our years in the business. Choose a ring that is right for you. That will never be tacky.

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