One-of-a-Kind Accent Engagement Rings

One-of-a-kind Accent Engagement Rings

Accent engagement rings are becoming more and more popular every day. These breathtaking statement pieces prove that you don’t need a ton of details to produce a ring that’s unique and stunning. Our collection of accent engagement rings offers something for every style, including a wide range of colors, karats, finishes, and more. You’re sure to find a ring that’s sure to make your sweetheart say, “Yes!”

The Perfect Accent Engagement Rings for Your Loved One

Just like your future fiancée is unique, so should your ring be. That’s why we offer so many options for accent engagement rings and allow you to personalize your look, resulting in a ring that will make heads turn when she walks in the room.

Our accent engagement rings put the focus on one center stone, which can be round, oval, or pear in shape. Then, choose the perfect band for your loved one, whether she prefers a classic like white or yellow gold or something more interesting like rose gold. Regardless of which metal you select, you’ll receive a flawless 14K piece that is sure to impress.

Our rings are made with beautiful moissanite stones, offering even more sparkle and shine than the traditional diamond but without the high cost. With a low-cost stone for the focal point, you can add smaller studs around the band to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your piece.

Finally, you can choose any combination of elements to perfectly match your loved one’s style. Whether they want something modern and trendy or classic and timeless, there’s something in our catalog that’s perfect for her. You can create or select a ring that’s as simple or complex as you like, always knowing that you’re only getting the highest quality materials.

Why Choose Luvari?

At Luvari, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to give your sweetheart a gift they will cherish forever. We use only the highest quality materials to produce rings that last a lifetime, all without the high price tags of many other jewelry companies.

We make it easy to customize and order the ring of your dreams. Simply select your ring size and your metal, and if desired, add an optional inscription on the inside of the band. Adding an inscription is completely free of charge and provides an extra-special element to your already impressive ring.

If you want to design your own ring from top to bottom, we can handle that as well. Luvari uses the most cutting-edge technology and rendering tools to show you exactly what your ring will look like before it’s created. Even if you only know a few elements that you’d like to be included, our team can make recommendations to create the most beautiful and everlasting piece of jewelry for your loved one.

Luvari takes pride in offering an extensive collection of engagement rings suitable for any style or budget. Contact us today to learn more about our accent engagement rings or to inquire about a custom piece.