Oval Stone

Oval Stone Engagement Rings

Oval stone engagement rings have an elongated shape that creates a slimming effect on the fingers of the wearer. The oval diamond stands for creativity and independence, and courage. The oval shape also brings out the best in any diamond, making an inexpensive stone look like a million dollars. Oval stones are the right choice for an offbeat but still classic look.

Top Rated Oval Stone Engagement Rings

Luvari designs and manufactures top-rated jewelry of all kinds and our oval-shaped diamond engagement rings are no exception. Our quality raw materials and fine craftsmanship result in a stunning engagement ring that you can be proud to purchase as a gift for your beloved.

Oval Stone Engagement Rings Collection

Our collection of oval-shaped rings involves rings with yellow, white, or rose gold and designs with or without accent diamonds. Pairing a rose gold metal with an oval shape will bring extra uniqueness to your engagement ring.

Featured Oval Stone Engagement Rings

Look through our collection of oval stone engagement rings and be dazzled by their beauty and bold designs. Luvari is pleased to offer our collection of oval-shaped diamond engagement rings and we can also custom design a ring just for you.

Custom Oval Stone Engagement Rings

We are more than happy to help design a unique oval stone diamond engagement ring for you. Tell us what you imagine the ring should look like and we can use our rendering technology to demonstrate exactly how the ring we are designing will look. You will always have final approval before we make your custom oval stone ring a reality.

Featured Oval Stone Engagement Ring Designers

Our designers are pleased to bring you oval stone engagement rings that will stand the test of time. Using the finest gold, dramatically cut oval stones, and adding some accent diamonds, our designers have created pieces that will impress everyone.

About Our Oval Stone Engagement Rings

Our oval-stone engagement rings are designed by our first-rate gemologists who bring their years of training and experience to make the oval-stone engagement ring that you purchase one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Why Purchase Oval-Stone Engagement Rings?

Oval-stone engagement rings provide a lot of value for not a lot of money. They have a distinctive, innovative shape that brings out the best qualities in every diamond. The elongated oval shape makes the fingers of the person wearing it look long and slender. If you want something that makes a bold statement while retaining a classic feel, an oval stone diamond engagement ring is your best choice.

What is the Price of Oval Stone Engagement Rings?

Oval stone engagement rings tend to be cheaper than round stone rings. Less of the original diamond is wasted in the carving process. The oval shape also helps to hide any impurities in the diamond so a less expensive oval stone will still have the shine and sparkle of more expensive stones of other shapes. Oval stones also appear to be heavier than they are, so a lower carat oval-shaped diamond will look like a higher carat of another shape. There is no denying the dramatic effect of an oval-shaped stone at any price range.

Give Her the Perfect Piece with an Oval-Stone Engagement Ring

An oval shape shows that the wearer is bright and individualistic. It is a flattering shape for everyone’s finger. The oval shape makes the most out of any diamond and shows the creativity and daring of the wearer. Consider one of our many fine oval-shaped stone engagement rings when you are ready to pop the question.