Round Stone

Round-stone Engagement Rings

The engagement ring you choose will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations. The timeless classic style of a round stone ring will reflect both traditional values and laid-back simplicity. The round shape is the most popular shape of stone. When you think of an engagement ring, the round stone is what your mind goes to first. This enduring style of engagement ring can be your treasure.

Top Rated Round-stone Engagement Rings

Round stone engagement rings have a brilliance all their own. When cut with the right number and shape facets, round-shaped stones create the most sparkly and dynamic engagement rings. They can be set all on their own in a solitaire setting, or combined with accent stones for a more dramatic look.

Round-stone Engagement Rings Collection

At Luvari, we have a number of different styles of round-stone engagement rings. The stones are set in different colors of gold and can be by themselves or combined with accent diamonds. You’ll be impressed with the variety and beauty of our round-stone rings. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, our gemologists can help you design the perfect round-stone engagement ring.

Featured Round-stone Engagement Rings

The elegant round-stone engagement rings featured on our website are of the highest quality with great attention to detail. These beautiful rings, from the dramatic Alyssum to the hidden halo Wysteria demonstrate our fine-tuned aesthetics for round stone engagement rings.

Custom Round-stone Engagement Rings

You may be thinking about a completely different look than anything you can find in our voluminous catalog. We can use our knowledge of jewelry, our technological rendering process, and your ideas for your one-of-a-kind round stone engagement ring to manufacture the ring you are imagining. We are happy to create a masterpiece just for you.


Featured Round-stone Engagement Ring Designers

We have the best designers who have gone through a lifetime of training working hard to make the perfect round-stone engagement ring for you. Our top priority is your satisfaction and our designers will be tireless in making the best, most affordable round stone engagement rings for you.

About Our Round-stone Engagement Rings

We source the best precious metals and conflict-free round-stones to make our round-stone engagement rings. We fashion these materials into the stunning pieces that you see on our website. Our prices are low because we sell the rings directly to you and we don’t need to maintain expensive stores or salespeople. You can always speak with our gemologists to find out more information about our collection or to devise your own ring.

Why Purchase Round-stone Engagement Rings?

A round-stone engagement ring shows both of you that your love and commitment are real and will last a lifetime. It also declares your love and hopes for the future to the world. Your engagement ring marks the beginning of the next phase of your relationship and your life. Proclaim your sentiments with a cherished round-cut engagement ring.

What is the Price of Round-stone Engagement Rings?

Round-stone engagement rings tend to be on the more expensive side because of the difficulty in making the perfect round cut and the popularity of this shape of stone. However, by coming to Luvari directly, you save on the unnecessary cost of a middleman. We can work with whatever budget you have, so be sure to contact us if you have any concerns in this department. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase

Give Her the Perfect Piece with a Round-stone Engagement Ring

Round-stone engagement rings stand for tradition, simplicity, and enduring love. Everyone at Luvari wishes you the very best and we will assist you with choosing the perfect round stone engagement ring.