What Is A Raw Diamond?

What Is A Raw Diamond?

Are you looking to buy a unique diamond for your engagement ring without accidentally contributing to environmental degradation and funding armed conflict? Then raw diamonds might be for you. There is an increase in demand for raw diamonds as they are cheaper and easier to trace their origin for those worried about human rights and climate change before purchase, unlike cut diamonds.

What Is A Raw Diamond?

What Are Raw Diamonds?

Raw diamonds are rough uncut, and unpolished diamonds come in different shapes and sizes. They are primarily natural, but they could also be lab mined. There are two main kinds of raw diamonds, industrial and gem-quality. 

With many stores now stocking raw diamonds, how do you determine whether what you have is a rough diamond and not quartz or glass? You can do a few tests at home before taking them to a professional.

How To Identify Raw Diamonds

  • Corundum Test: If the stone you have can pass the corundum scratch test, it's most likely a diamond, as very few minerals can achieve this.
  • The Heat Test: Expose the stone to heat and then quickly cool it down. If it shatters, it's a fake as a natural diamond can handle extreme heat. Take precautions to avoid burns when doing this test.
  • Gravity Test: Diamonds are highly dense and will sink when dropped in a glass of water. If your mineral floats, then it's probably glass or quartz.
  • Professional Evaluator: Take your stone to an expert for evaluation and certification. The Gemological Institute of America is a great place to do this.

Benefits Of Raw Diamond vs. Cut Diamonds

Raw diamonds have many benefits over cut diamonds. Here are some benefits of raw diamonds;

  • Raw diamonds are cheaper than cut diamonds.
  • Raw diamonds are easier to authenticate, making it hard to own stones sourced from conflict zones or unethically mined stones.
  • They are easier to authenticate and move around.
  • They come in a variety of unique sizes and shapes.

Since raw diamonds are not polished, they lack the sparkle and dazzle associated with diamonds. If you want a statement engagement or wedding ring for your significant other. Book an appointment with us today and get the perfect cut.

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