Should You Sleep With Your Engagement Ring On?

Should You Sleep With Your Engagement Ring On?

Receiving an engagement ring may be one of the most exciting moments in life. Particularly after first receiving it, you'll want to show it off to friends and family. Because it symbolizes your love as a couple, you may want to wear it every moment – even when you sleep. If you're wondering whether you should sleep with the engagement ring on or take it off before bed, the answer is simple. We strongly recommend that you remove your engagement ring before going to sleep.

Should You Sleep With Your Engagement Ring On?

Why Remove Your Ring Before Bed?

  • Sleeping with the ring on puts pressure on the ring in several ways. 
  • Undue pressure can bend the prongs, which keep the stone in place. 
  • If the prongs bend, the stone may fall out. 
  • Added pressure can also bend the shank, changing the shape of the ring.


Does The Material Of The Ring Matter?

Some materials are more prone to bending than others, but no metal is indestructible. Gold rings are especially problematic because gold is a soft metal and prone to bending. However, other materials can bend too – even platinum. It's just not worth the risk of sleeping with your engagement ring on, regardless of the type of metal it was made with.

Where Should I Keep My Ring At Night?

It's natural to feel like you might lose your engagement ring if you're not wearing it. However, you'll find that you do need to remove it for certain activities including sleep. To avoid losing your ring:

  • Create a designated place for keeping your engagement ring when it is not being worn. 
  • Use that spot for your engagement ring only.
  • You can use a special box or any other container that stays in the same place, such as in a drawer, on a shelf, or best of all, in a safe.


We hope this information helps you preserve the integrity and beauty of your engagement ring for many, many years. If you have additional questions, or for more information, please contact us.

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