Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum looks like white gold, but it remains shiny and pure looking while gold tends to dull over time. Platinum is a symbol of durability, purity, and high status. It is a tough metal, much more durable than gold, although some alternative metals are stronger. Platinum doesn’t require care to stay beautiful and lustrous like gold does. It is a low maintenance long lasting metal with connotations of happiness and success. It is the perfect material to make both men’s and women’s wedding bands.

Top Rated Platinum Wedding Bands

Most of our wedding bands are created using the die-struck process. This ensures that the ring will be sturdy and dense. All of our platinum wedding bands have been designed and manufactured with the strictest of quality standards. Your standards are high and so are ours.

Platinum Wedding Band Collection

Our platinum wedding band collection includes smooth solid platinum wedding bands, bands with some texture, groove with inlay bands, and more. Platinum is one of the more expensive metals, but we offer some affordable designs in addition to high-end ones.

Featured Platinum Wedding Bands

You can feel the density and quality of a Luvari platinum wedding band. Platinum is one of the densest precious metals and our manufacturing process accentuates that. You want a strong metal to represent your strong bond with your future spouse. We can help you choose the perfect platinum wedding band for you both.

Custom Platinum Wedding Band

You have a unique partnership and you want that indicated by your wedding bands. Perhaps the two of you could design your own platinum wedding band. At Luvari we specialize in custom-designed wedding bands. We can take your ideas, work our magic and present you with wedding bands that are particular to just the two of you. Our rendering technology will allow you to see what the ring will look like before it is made. And we can always work within your budget.

Featured Platinum Wedding Band Designers

We work with the best designers and manufacturers in the business and we provide them with the best tools that they need to design superlative platinum wedding bands. All of the platinum wedding bands found in our collection are fit for a king. We can also help you design your own platinum wedding ring using all of our knowledge about platinum and other metals.

About Our Platinum Wedding Bands

Our platinum wedding bands can be proudly passed down for generations. Our designs have something for everyone. Also, you can combine different ideas from our different rings to come up with a totally new design that we will then manufacture for you.

Why Purchase Platinum Wedding Bands?

A platinum wedding band can show your status in the world and the durability and purity of your bond with your partner. It is a forever piece of jewelry that is virtually maintenance-free. Platinum will never turn your skin green or cause a rash. If you want nothing but the best, platinum should be a top consideration for your wedding band.

What is the Price of Platinum Wedding Bands?

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals and it can be difficult to work with. This causes the price of a platinum wedding band to exceed over $2000 at times. However, we do have some platinum wedding bands in the $500 range. We can always customize a wedding band for you that incorporates platinum in a way that fits your budget. Talk to us - we can work things out.

Enhance Your Married Image with a Platinum Wedding Band

A platinum wedding band shows that you have confidence in your commitment to marriage. We are honored to help you choose, or design, a platinum wedding band that you will cherish forever.