Black Wedding Rings: What to Know About This New Trend

Black Wedding Rings: What to Know About This New Trend

For a long time, yellow gold and white metals were the number one pick for wedding rings. But with black metals emerging on the market, the scale began to tip. Now, black wedding rings are blowing up as the hottest new trend.

Before you order yours, here are a few things to know about this trendy style.

Metals Used
The great thing about black wedding rings is you still have a range of options to choose from. Many metals can be made black either by a manufacturing process or a coating. Of course, most of the materials are alternative metals, meaning you don’t have as many precious metal options with black.

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Cobalt is a durable metal, similar in strength to titanium, which means it resists scratches and blemishes much longer than soft metals like gold or platinum. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic and fairly lightweight. But due to its strength, cobalt can’t be resized.

Black cobalt rings can be made thoroughly black or with only a black coating.

Tungsten is the most durable metal option you have for a wedding ring, which means it’s a great choice for a black piece of jewelry. Black tungsten can be made by incorporating black titanium zirconium into a tungsten base. That means that the surface of a black tungsten ring will be slightly more prone to scratching than a gray tungsten ring. Tungsten can also be made black with a PVD plating.

Tungsten is an affordable metal and has a heavy, luxurious-feeling weight, although it can’t be resized.

Most black titanium is made through a manufacturing process that creates a special black alloy. The black alloy makes titanium even more durable and scratch resistant. Other types of black titanium are created with a black coating.

Titanium is a durable, lightweight metal that is budget friendly but can’t be resized.

For a higher-end black wedding ring, black gold is an option. However, unlike the other metals on the list, black gold can only be created with a black rhodium plating, which means you’ll have to replate the ring every few years (much like white gold).

Gold has a higher luxury status than the alternative black metals, which means it will cost a bit more. It is also less durable but can easily be resized.

Ceramic rings are similar in strength to tungsten and are an excellent choice for a durable black wedding ring. Black ceramic is treated so that it is black inside and out. It is also resistant to tarnish and is hypoallergenic.

Black ceramic rings are similar in price to other alternative metals. However, their durability makes them brittle and prone to shattering, and they’re impossible to resize.

Stainless Steel
One of the best things about black stainless steel is its affordability. It is much more affordable than precious metals and is quite durable. Black stainless steel is anodized, which makes the surface black without a coating. You get scratch resistance and low maintenance.

However, the metal isn’t hypoallergenic and is difficult to resize.

Zirconium rings are heated to create a black layer that won’t wear off. These rings are also incredibly durable and scratch resistant, which makes them impossible to resize. Black zirconium has a higher price tag than other alternative metals but is still more affordable than precious metals. It is also hypoallergenic.

Price Range
Because black wedding rings come in a variety of metals, the prices vary greatly from ring to ring. For options like black tungsten or black stainless steel, you’ll find much more affordable prices. If you want a higher-end ring, black gold or even black zirconium could be a great choice.

Available Styles
You can find black wedding rings in all sorts of styles, from a pure-black, flat ring to a domed band with a rose gold groove. You can opt for an edgy look or a more conservative one, depending on your style. You can also find rings with only slivers of black if you still want a traditional wedding band design.

Things to Consider
An important consideration when browsing black wedding rings is deciding between rings that are black all the way through and those that are black plated. Black-plated wedding rings will require more maintenance over time than thoroughly black options. But they may also be more affordable and come in a wider range of designs.

You should also keep in mind that most black wedding rings can’t be resized, so it’s crucial to get an accurate ring size before you buy.

Finally, black wedding rings are a non-traditional choice. Take some time to think about whether you want a black wedding ring long-term or if you’ll be happier with a more traditional look. Although, since black wedding rings are often affordable, you could also choose a black wedding ring now and upgrade to a luxurious, traditional option down the road.

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