Tantalum and 14K Yellow Gold, Flat Beveled Edge with 14K Yellow Gold Sleeve, Satin, 7mm, Ring

Tantalum and 14K Yellow Gold, Flat Beveled Edge with 14K Yellow Gold Sleeve, Satin, 7mm, Ring


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Take a chance on a unique and stylish ring. This tantalum and yellow gold wedding band takes the simplicity of 14K yellow gold and adds another layer of durability and style. Tantalum is a cutting-edge wedding ring choice, but it’s quickly gaining popularity thanks to its dark color, strength, and rarity. That’s why we added a ring of tantalum to make this wedding band last longer and look better.

The ring also has a flat surface with a beveled edge, which gives it a modern look. Then we topped it off with a satin finish, adding texture and a long-lasting sleekness.

Order your 7mm tantalum and yellow gold wedding ring today.

Comfort Fit

A comfort-fit design is simple and effective. We add a little extra metal to the inside of the ring to give the interior surface a domed shape. The domed shape is similar to the shape of the outside of a domed wedding band.

The slight dome helps the ring glide over your finger and fit over knuckles. As such, comfort fit is highly recommended for those with bigger knuckles.

With a comfort fit, the size of the ring also fits looser, which means you should verify the correct size before you buy.


Satin is a happy medium between polished and more rugged finishes. It retains a slight shimmer but has a more matte surface than the high polish. The surface will also have slight lines that give it a paintbrush-style texture. This finish is much more contemporary than the high polish finish, making it a great choice for modern rings.


Tantalum is a cutting-edge metal that is growing in popularity in the wedding ring industry thanks to its rarity, durability, and unique color. Normally, you’ll find tantalum in light to dark gray, but it also often has a blue undertone that makes the color really pop.

This metal is also incredibly durable and resistant to scratching, which makes it a great choice for active lifestyles and low maintenance. However, unlike other durable metals, tantalum is easy to work with. So you can easily add fun details or resize your ring down the road.

Tantalum is a rare metal, and many suspect the supply will run out within the century. That means that it is more expensive than other industrial metals, though it’s still less expensive than precious metals like platinum.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is what you typically picture when you think of gold. It is a rich yellow metal that is fairly soft, which means it has to be mixed with other metals to make it durable enough for everyday wear. Gold alloys are determined by karats (not to be confused with carat, or diamond weight). The higher the karat, the higher the gold content—out of 24 karats. So 18K gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts another material (usually a mix of copper, zinc, and silver).

The durability of gold depends on the karat, with higher karat gold being softer and more prone to scratches. This means that 10K gold is the most durable gold option. However, all gold jewelry will need to be polished regularly to buff out scratches and dings.

The price of gold also depends on the karat. High gold content is more expensive than low gold content. However, gold jewelry is generally much more affordable than platinum and palladium.