Who Buys The Wedding Bands

Who Buys The Wedding Bands

There is some confusion lingering over whose responsibility it is to purchase the wedding bands you and your partner will use in your wedding. This has changed over the years as society has become more modernized, so there is now no one right answer.

To help clarify this confusion though, let’s look at traditional purchase roles for brides and grooms along with a closer look at the typical approach modern couples take when purchasing their wedding bands.

Who Buys The Wedding Bands

Who Buys the Groom’s Wedding Band Traditionally?

Traditionally, the bride is responsible for buying the groom’s wedding band. And if she is unable to make the purchase on her own for any reason, her family will step in to help make the purchase. 

Note that grooms only started having wedding bands in the 20th century as before they were only commonly purchased for brides.

Who Buys the Bride’s Wedding Band Traditionally?

Similar to the groom’s band, the bride’s wedding band is purchased by the groom traditionally. If he is unable to make the purchase, he may also lean on his family to help.

Who Buys the Wedding Bands Now?

In modern times, the question of who buys a wedding band will vary from couple to couple. 

In some cases, couples will evenly divide the costs of wedding bands between the two of them so that no one person is overburdened. In others, the bride and groom may already have combined their finances, so they communally purchase both rings together.

However, there may be instances where either the bride or groom outright purchase both rings themselves. This will depend on the financial state of the couple and their personal preferences concerning the purchase.

Just make sure you and your partner talk about what you want to do with this purchase along with any other big financial decisions so that you can decide on the best course of action together. That way, you avoid potential arguments and miscommunication about finances which is a leading cause of divorce.

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