What Is Used To Cut Diamonds?

What Is Used To Cut Diamonds?

Diamonds are as alluring as light to a moth. A diamond necklace accentuates the neck, and a diamond ring communicates class or taste. Today we have diamond shapes that are works of art. But diamonds are one of the toughest materials in the world. So, what is used to cut diamonds?

What Is Used To Cut Diamonds?

A Diamond Saw

A diamond saw is equipment consisting of diamonds at the blade. Since diamonds are the toughest rock on earth, it takes a diamond to cut diamonds. That's why the saw has diamonds at the edge of the blade. This tool is used at the clawing stage in which the saw cuts the diamond to parts known as the table (the flat top of the diamond with the greatest surface area) and the girdle (the part of the diamond with the highest diameter). 


The development of laser technology enabled jewelers to cut diamonds into any desired shape. Together with computer technology, lasers cut diamonds accurately leaving no undesirable edges. One type of laser used to cut diamonds is the Neodymium YAG laser. This laser uses infrared light to cut diamonds. The YAG in full means Yttrium Aluminum Garnet. The term refers to the Yttrium crystal which is used in combination with other materials to produce lasers. 

Spinning Axle

During the bruting/cutting stage, a jeweler may cut the diamonds by hand. They put the diamond in a spinning axle, an equipment that spins the two cut diamond stones into opposite directions at high speed. This technique helps round off the diamond giving it a perfectly round shape. 

Diamond Cutter

Sometimes the diamond cutter may use a small stick-like instrument consisting of a bowl filled with cement to hold the diamond. The diamond is inserted in the cement with a small portion exposed. Using a stick in hand, the cutter rubs the exposed parts together to bruit them. 


An alloy wheel lathe is another equipment that can be used in the cutting stage. The tool helps to cut and polish the diamond. 

Diamond Cutting Scaife Machine

A diamond cutting Scaife machine is another popular tool used for diamond cutting. A hobbyist who wants to try diamond cutting at home can purchase this tool. 

How you cut a diamond determines its beauty. For instance, the angle of its facets influences its ability to refract light. That's why many jewelry companies have developed high-tech tools to ensure their cuts are brilliant enough to attract customers. Check out our website or contact us for the best diamond designed jewelry. 

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