What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Many people believe the carat is the biggest factor in the determination of the price of a diamond, but it is actually a diamond cut. Understanding how a diamond cut changes the price of a diamond can save you a lot of money. Below, we will discuss the most expensive diamond cut and why it costs more.

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The Most Expensive Diamond Cut

The most expensive diamond cut is the round brilliant. The round brilliant diamond cut has the most number of facets, with different shapes. This diamond cut offers the most exceptional white light reflection, commonly referred to as brilliance. This diamond cut requires a lot of precision work to discard most of the rough diamond. The round cut is timeless, and it has a perfectly symmetrical shape.

Features Of A Round Brilliant Diamond Cut

  • Zero culet
  • 58 facets
  • Round, symmetrical shape
  • Table Percent of 55-59
  • Depth percent of 60. 1-62.6
  • Thin to slightly thick girdle.

Why Are Round Brilliant Diamond Cuts Popular?

Below are the features that make round brilliant diamond cuts popular.


The round brilliant diamond cut has a classic design that allows it to complement multiple styles


Round diamond cuts showcase a tremendous amount of fire due to their exceptional cuts.

Timeless appearance

Round brilliant diamond cuts have been in style for centuries due to their elegance and beautiful facets. This cut can be passed down for generations. 


The process of cutting round diamonds is precise, which allows the cuts to reflect all light back to your eyes.


The brilliance, elegance, and popularity of round brilliant diamond cuts are the factors that make this cut the most expensive. However, the price of round diamond cuts is worth it because you will have the piece for years, and you can gift it to your children and grandchildren. The classical appeal and versatility offered by the round diamond cut also make it a sophisticated choice. Contact us for the best diamonds in the market and explore other amazing products from our catalogue. 

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