What Is Diamond Brilliance?

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

You might have heard of diamond brilliance before, but, wonder what this means. Actually, when we think of the dazzling beauty of the diamond, two interchangeable words come to our mind: diamond "fire" and brilliance. The two terms are closely related but define distinct optical properties.

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

What Is Brilliance In A Diamond?

Diamond brilliance refers to the white light reflected from the interior of the diamond. It is an optical property that gives the gem its characteristic brightness and sparkle. When this white light hits the diamond facets, it disperses into colored flashes (rainbow colors) known as diamond "fire."

What Gives Diamonds Their Brilliance?

Diamond brilliance is not natural but depends on its cut quality. This cut quality determines the magnitude of refraction, reflection, and dispersion. Reflection occurs when light hits a diamond and bounces back immediately, giving the gem an instantaneous shine (brilliance).

What Is The Difference Between Diamond Fire And Brilliance?

When light hits diamond facets, it is fractured and scattered in various directions. The scattered light has different spectral colors that bounce back to the viewers' eyes, also called diamond "fire." Thus, brilliance is a white light resulting from the reflection of light, while diamond's fire is rainbow colors resulting from the dispersion of white light by the diamond facets.

What Factors Affect Diamond Brilliance?

Cut Quality

Diamonds should be cut and polished in a way that enables them to gather and redirect light to the eyes of the viewer efficiently. If it's cut into improper proportions, a lot of light will be lost via the pavilion and reduce its brightness.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond affects its brilliance to a lesser extent. Blemishes and scratches on the surface limit the amount of light entering the interior parts of the gem. Too much inclusion also prevents light from traveling freely within the diamond.

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