What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

An old mine cut diamond was the most prevalent diamond cut in the 18th century. The name itself can be misleading, but the reason for the name is due to the fact the diamond cut was around before Africa was discovered to be full of diamonds. Most diamonds beforehand came from India or Brazil, so this specific diamond cut just became known as the "old miners cut".

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What Makes An Old Mine Cut Different?

Old mine cut diamonds were cut by hand, unlike the modern cut diamonds we see today, which are typically cut by the usage of lasers. Each old mine cut diamond is unique due to the way it's cut by hand, and has been growing in popularity over the recent years. Most of these diamonds are in the shape of a square too, as cutting a round diamond by hand is nearly impossible, no matter how amazing the maker is. 

The Characteristics Of An Old Mine Diamond

This cut of diamond isn't what's considered "perfect" by today's standards, but still holds remarkable beauty in its uniqueness. It's bulky, uneven, and the culet is visible to the eye, but this doesn't make it any less valuable. These diamonds reflect light differently than those commonly seen today too, and this is often a big reason fans of vintage fashion are going for this specific cut. Even though these diamonds may be similar to one another, no cut of these special square diamonds will ever be exactly the same due to the way they're cut either.

Why You Should Buy An Old Mine Cut Diamond

There's currently a huge demand for vintage and antique style jewelry, and the old mine cut diamond is just that. While the demand for them may have diminished over time before, there's certainly no shortage of demand now. They're a beautiful cut, as well as eco-friendly. These diamonds can be recycled and reused with almost no demands on the environment. 

Another reason these diamonds are in such high demand now is for their uniqueness. No two old mine cut diamonds will ever be the same. They may look similar, but hand cutting diamonds means there will always be a difference in the way it was cut. A maker can be as precise as he or she may try to be, but no two cuts will perfectly match one another. Looks and light properties are the main focus of old mine cut diamonds; makers of these diamonds pay no heed to any grading or maximized profit.

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