What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Although Asscher cut diamonds appear to be square, they are actually octagons. Although they may not sparkle as much as a round brilliant cut diamond, the Asscher cut will showcase its stone color and clarity.

Asscher Cut Diamond

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut did not become mainstream until the 1920s, despite its introduction in 1902. It was made by the Asscher Brothers, who were famed for cutting a 3,106-carat rough diamond for Holland's Asscher Diamond Company (currently the Royal Asscher Diamond Company). Asscher cuts were mostly seen in vintage jewelry stores for decades following the Great Depression. However, the design resurfaced in prominence in the early 2000s after its 100th anniversary, once it exhibited its new cut design. 


Asscher cut stones resemble emerald cut stones. They feature a higher crown, a smaller table, and bigger step facets, resulting in a more dazzling diamond. When looking down at it on the table from above, a well-cut asscher will seem to have concentric squares. Since the corners have been cut off, the shape is somewhat octagonal. The diamond appears to have a square shape once placed in a four-prong platinum or gold setting.


When it comes to clarity, it is vital to note that the table of an Asscher cut diamond is flat and provides an unimpeded view into the stone's center. As a result, this makes the inclusions visible to the human eye. As a result, you should get an Asscher cut diamond with a clarity rating of a minimum of VS2. While you could easily move lower on the clarity scale for other diamond cuts, step cuts like the Asscher need you to go a notch higher.


The step facets in Asscher cut diamonds come in handy when perceiving color, particularly if the stone is larger than 1.5-2.0 carats. Most expert jewelers recommend keeping the color of Asscher diamonds to I color since it provides a stunning yet affordable hue, making it the ideal balance for this cut. In addition, this cut works well with a variety of designs and can be included in any form of jewelry.  Note that Asscher cut diamonds are often regarded as architectural, and they naturally owe their appeal to the Art Deco aesthetic of the Roaring Twenties. Intricate craftsmanship and clean lines complement these diamonds beautifully in vintage-inspired ring settings. As a result, some of their popular uses are in halo settings, tennis bracelets, stud earrings, and even paired with an eternity wedding band.


As beautifully as it mirrors the light that takes you into the abyss of its unending brilliance, an Asscher Cut diamond can mirror your inner nature. Its softness and clarity show out without explanation, embellishment, or apology, thanks to its design simplicity, moderation, and elegance. Contact us today for more information on the asscher cut diamond.

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