What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

Solitaire diamonds are a popular option for women's engagement rings. However, it's also an option for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, men's wedding bands, and other pieces of jewelry. Before choosing a piece of diamond jewelry, it's important to understand what solitaire means. For additional help, contact Luvari for professional expertise you can trust. 

What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

What Does Solitaire Mean?

The term "solitaire" in the jewelry industry means a single gemstone. A solitaire diamond means a single diamond. In other words, solitaire diamond pieces are crafted with just one diamond. Solitaire pieces are known for their simplicity. However, they can be just as dazzling as a ring with several diamonds

The History of Solitaire Diamonds

Solitaire diamonds have been around for years and years. When gemstones first started to be used in jewelry, solitaire pieces were the only option. Diamonds gained popularity in the 1940s and 1947 in particular. The British company De Beers coined the term "a diamond is forever," and individuals raced to get their own piece of forever. Since then diamonds continue to be popular, especially for wedding rings

Solitaire Ring Advantages

Despite the simplicity of a single diamond, solitaire diamond pieces can offer romance and beauty. They are a timeless design that continues to be in style decade after decade. This ring style is a gorgeous option as an heirloom piece, standing out generation after generation. The diamond stands out on its own without the help of other gems. Solitaire diamonds are also generally more affordable than pieces with multiple diamonds. Not to mention, one diamond is much easier to clean than several different gemstones. 

Choosing a Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire diamond rings are available in a variety of shapes. Brides-to-be may prefer a round diamond, or, they may prefer the vintage look of a rectangular diamond with an emerald cut. Buyers should compare all shapes and sizes to ensure they find a solitaire diamond ring that best suits their style and personality. 

Overall, solitaire diamonds have much to offer with their timeless elegance and sparkle. Suitable not just for engagement rings, solitaire diamonds are a beautiful option for a range of jewelry designs. To find your dream diamond ring,  explore what Luvari has to offer

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