What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

A cushion-cut diamond is a diamond that has an indentation in the middle, like a pillow. They are used to make the broadest possible setting for maximum sparkle. It's called a cushion because it resembles a pad for sitting down on the floor.

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

History of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion-Cut Diamonds trace their origin back to the 19th century, referred to as "Mine cuts." They were named after the Brazilian diamond mines; the mine cuts differed from the modern-day cushion cuts. For instance, the mine cuts had 58 facets while the modern-day cut has 62 facets. Over the years, the cushion-cut has continued to evolve due to a better understanding of diamond cutting.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Cushion Cut Diamond


It is by far the essential factor. The diamonds with square corners are more valuable than those with rounded corners.


This is also extremely important; a flawless diamond with no blemishes is considered ideal. The clarity should be "VV2" or "SI1" for these stones, because that is the best possible grade available in any diamond.


Colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones. Diamonds with a slight or moderate yellow tint are considered best for this cut because of the contrast it creates with the whiteness of other diamond cuts.


The weight and size of each diamond are other factors to consider. They should be slightly larger than pear-shaped diamonds but smaller than oval-shaped ones. The heavier the weight, the more expensive it becomes, regardless of clarity and color scale.

Why a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion diamonds are available in many colors and hues, starting from the most popular; white diamonds are colorless or near-colorless. In contrast to other diamond cuts, the cushion shape has a unique appeal. These diamonds are preferred for their versatile look and feel in a ring.

The shape of the cushion cut diamond has a strong connection with the ancient past and all its history. It is often used as a fashion statement, and men and women can wear it alike to complement their wardrobe styles.

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