What Is a Blue Diamond?

What Is a Blue Diamond?

One of the most sought-after jewels worldwide is the blue diamond. A blue diamond is a natural diamond defined by its vibrant blue color. The blue hue in these colored diamonds is brought about by the presence of boron that contaminates the carbon atoms during their natural formation.

What Is a Blue Diamond?

How Blue Diamonds Are Formed 

Blue diamonds are formed when carbon atoms fuse together under extreme heat and pressure conditions. Under these intense conditions, carbon atoms bond together and form crystalline structures, thus creating blue diamonds. Boron impurities cause the coloring of a blue diamond. The intensity of the blue color increases as the content of the boron increases. Blue diamond stones can also be synthetically recreated in a laboratory. However, a naturally blue diamond is much more valuable than a color-enhanced diamond.

History Of Blue Diamonds

India is thought to be the country of origin for blue diamonds. The Hope diamond became the first known blue diamond in the seventeenth century. It was discovered in the Kollur mine in India by a French gem merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Blue diamonds are scarce, as evidenced by the small number of locations where they are mined. Most of them were discovered in Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine and South Africa's Cullinan.

Why You Should Choose Blue Diamond

  • Blue diamonds are fancy color diamonds.
  • Their excellent clarity, brilliance, and sparkle give them a classy appearance.
  • Blue diamonds are hard, durable, and scratch resistant.
  • Due to its awe-inspiring hues, a blue diamond makes an excellent centerpiece stone.
  • Blue diamonds are prized for their beauty and rarity.

How To Tell If a Blue Diamond Is Real

1. The Fog Test

When you hold a natural blue diamond between two fingers and breathe on it with a puff of air, the thin coating of fog appearing on the diamond because of the heat in your breath should disappear immediately. The stone is fake if it takes a few seconds for the fog to clear off.

2. The Water Test

When you carefully drop a blue diamond stone into a glass full of drinking water, it should sink immediately. It's fake if it floats.

Where To Buy Blue Diamonds 

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