What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

When it comes to jewelry and diamonds, you will hear about TDW. You might be wondering what DTW has to do with diamonds as you shop for jewelry. We will go through this shorthand in further detail in the sections that follow.

What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

What Does The Abbreviation “TDW” Mean?

DTW is an abbreviation for "total diamond weight." It refers to the total weight of all the diamonds in a jewelry piece. When selecting a wedding ring or a commemorative necklace, it is critical to inquire not only about the weight of the biggest or center diamond, but also about the total size of diamonds in the piece.

Pseudonyms Of TDW

Total diamond weight is also known as carat total weight, carat weight total, or total weight. These abbreviations are used immediately after numerical values. Any of these may appear in ads depending on the seller's preference. For example, a jeweler may declare that a bracelet is 0.70 CTW. This is the same as another that is labeled 0.70 TDW. Whenever you see the abbreviation "CT," it stands for "carat" and is commonly used to denote a lone ring with a single diamond.

Interpreting TDW

An item's TDW does not imply that it's a valuable jewelry item. Understanding this is critical because while the total value between items may be the same, their respective values may differ.

For instance, if a merchant labels a diamond engagement ring as 1.50 TDW, this might signify that the band includes a 1.25-carat stone at the center and a 1/8-carat of diamond on every side.

Alternatively, this might suggest that the engagement ring has 24 1/8-carat diamond pieces running through it, making it far less precious since each piece is smaller and costs less separately.

Larger diamonds are scarcer and more in demand than smaller pieces of the same grading. As a result, although having the same TDW, the former will cost you more than the latter. 

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