What does a Pear Engagement ring means?

What does a Pear Engagement ring means?

What does a Pear Engagement ring means?

Pear cut diamond rings are one of the most captivating and awe-striking shapes. From its intricate design to impeccable style, pear-shaped rings are just perfect.


In case, you are specifically looking for a pear shaped engagement ring, then you must go for this distinctive style to turn heads for sure!


If you are looking for in-depth details about a diamond pear shaped engagement ring, this article talks about everything you need to know about it. Let’s take a closer look and understand!


What is Pear Shaped Diamond? 


Pear-shaped diamonds or stones are one of the most trending designs available in the market for engagement rings. This featuring design is truly a design that stands out from others. Pear-shaped cut resembles a teardrop and is commonly known for its great symmetry, interesting shape and flatter hand. It adds glamour and classic touch while giving the wearer’s fingers a more slender look.


The unique design has its history and symbolism that one has to understand before they buy this pear-shaped engagement ring. It is simply referred to as teardrop diamonds that are associated with ‘tears of joy’ within love and marriage like relationships. Undoubtedly, it’s a one-of-a-kind style in rings that represents the unique and elegant individuality, which means it is not meant for everyone!


Pear Shaped Diamonds History and Current Trend 


The pear-shaped rings originated in the late 1400s by a jeweler named Lodewyk Van Bercken. He is the one who introduced this pear cut to shape in engagement rings. After his interesting invention, the popularity of diamonds all over the world saw a boom!


The elegant shape is a cross between a marquis and round cut, which makes it one of the prominent designs in rings around the world. In case you are not aware of it, the intricacy of the pear cut shape is still constant over the last 500 years, which is about 58-facet. From Victoria Beckham to Cardi B, Princess Charlene, pear-shaped engagement rings are getting widely popular and loved by renowned public figures and celebrities.


Even today celebrities, public figures and trendsetters prefer these elegant and timeless classic pear-shaped rings.



Things to Consider before buying Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings 


1. Length and Width 

When it comes to pear-shaped rings, the original ratio of 58-facet is still considered as the ideal ratio of the cut stone. You will come across the three most common ratio ranges in pear-shaped rings, i.e., 1 – 1:30 - Semi-pudgy pear, 1 – 1:50 – The most attractive cut stone and common one, 1 – 1:70 – elongated style.


Of course, it is your personal choice whichever you like to go for the cut stone ratio. In case you are searching for an ideal shape, then you must know it should be symmetrical and full with no flattened areas/bulges. The brilliant cut will exude a classic and glamorous look!


2. Carat Weight 


Pear-shaped engagement rings usually appear larger than the other diamonds or stones of similar carat or size. As they are elongated in look and shape, they appear to be larger, which results in an attractive and impressive look!


Pear-shaped rings are normally available in 7 carat weight sizes ranging from 0.5 to 3 carat. It is your personal choice and budget to go for this fabulous diamond as an engagement ring for your partner!


3. Fragile 


The only disadvantage of having a pear-shaped engagement ring is that it is fragile, especially the tip part. Even though it is a well-cut pear shape, it still needs to be handled with care. From quality to design, you will always be assured about pear-shaped rings. You just need to be careful when buying this shape of the ring.


4. Pricing 


Because pear-shaped engagement rings appear to be elongated than usual, they tend to cost less compared to other designs and styles. When compared with other round cut stones, pear-shaped diamonds cost 10 to 30% less in pricing, which is ideal if you are looking for an affordable ring.


4 Distinctive Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Styles 


1. 14K White Gold, Periwinkle 


How about this pear-shaped moissanite which is enclosed with a hidden halo? Maybe an ideal engagement ring you are looking for your partner. This stunning ring comes in 1.5-carat weight with a 14k white gold studded band. Undeniably, it is a captivating engagement ring with a modern gem and classic shape, which makes it a great choice.


2. 14k Rose Gold, Periwinkle 


At just $463.00, you will get this mesmerizing beauty in rose gold. The vintage pear-shaped cut and trendy design make it a stunning combination one can go for without even thinking twice. This is a moissanite studded band, pear cut diamond and rose gold style to make it a trendy piece of art with a traditional look! This unique design in an engagement ring can add beauty when proposing to your girlfriend or wife.


3. 14k White Gold, Lilac 


One of the most simple and minimalistic pear-shaped engagement rings you will see today. If you are searching for an affordable, captivating diamond ring but something classic, you must look for this 14k white gold pear-shaped ring in 1.5-carat weight. The subtle elegance and unbeatable classic look of this engagement ring will truly make your girl feel like a princess. This ring exudes sparkles and elegant shine from the center of the stone and enclosing ring setting.


4. 14k Rose Gold, Lilac 


This pear-shaped engagement ring topped with 1.5-carat moissanite and sparkling accents around the ring setting is so gorgeous and royal. The elegance and beauty of this pear-shaped ring are excellent not just because of the cut diamond, but the hidden halo surrounding the stone. Hence, if you are going for an unusual, traditional but trendy engagement ring design, you cannot ignore this particular design for sure!




To conclude, dazzle your beloved with this beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring, which offers a combination of stunning design, minimalistic style and modern charm. If you are searching for pear-shaped engagement rings online, then you can visit Luvari online store for some amazing collections.

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