What Does A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Mean?

What Does A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Mean?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are frequently chosen for their cut, clarity, and brilliance. But if you're looking for a scintillating new piece that's as rich in symbolism as it is beautiful, then you may be interested in learning more about three stone diamond rings.

What Does A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Mean?

The Rich Symbolism Behind 3 Stone Diamond Rings

As the name suggests, three stone diamond rings are rings set with three stones rather than one. The centerpiece is usually, but not always, larger than the two diamonds that sit to each side. Some three stone diamond rings feature one diamond in the center with two gemstones of another type, such as sapphire, to each side.

But what do the three stones stand for?

Past, Present, Future

A three stone diamond ring can symbolize a couple's commitment to each other through the past, present, and future. The diamond in the center represents the present, and the diamonds to the left and right represent the past and future respectively. Three stone diamond rings are a lovely, tangible way for couples to declare their ongoing dedication to one another.

Friendship, Fidelity, Love

Like the famed Irish claddagh ring, three stone diamond rings can also represent friendship, loyalty, and love. These three emotional cornerstones lay the groundwork necessary for a happy, long-lasting marriage, and are represented beautifully by the three stone ring's trilogy of brilliant diamonds.


Some interpret the three stones in a three stone diamond ring as symbolizing a newlywed couple's future plans for growing a family together. The parents are typically represented by the centerpiece, where children are represented by the two gems to each side.

Religious Devotion

Three stone diamond rings are also called trinity rings because they may, for religious couples, represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Spiritual newlyweds may be interested in three stone diamond rings because they symbolize their faith as well as their devotion to each other.

Is A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Right For Me?

If you're interested in an engagement ring or wedding band that boasts a rich breadth of symbolism along with a unique beauty, then a three stone diamond ring might right be for you. Contact us for more information or browse our comprehensive catalog today! 

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