What Are Diamond Cluster Rings?

What Are Diamond Cluster Rings?

What are diamond cluster rings? A diamond cluster ring is a group of diamonds mounted on one ring. The cluster consists of larger or smaller diamond rocks. 

The diamonds in the cluster can all be the same color, or you can mix them up with different colors and cuts to create a customized look that's perfect for you. They are an excellent choice for those who love lots of sparkle and shine. Moreover, they make a beautiful statement piece on their own.

The History Of Diamond Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are hardly a new concept. They've been a part of jewelry design since ancient times and were especially popular during medieval times. They were created by putting several large diamonds in a single setting. 

Even during Victorian times, when engagement rings tended to be much smaller and more delicate than those we have today, cluster rings were commonly used. Queen Victoria was known for wearing multi-stone rings that often featured diamond clusters. 

Since then, they've fallen out of fashion somewhat, but now they're back. Today's cluster ring designs are arguably more beautiful than ever before. 

They are perfect for someone who wants something slightly different from an ordinary diamond solitaire ring but still appreciates traditional styles. Many still choose to make a statement with a diamond cluster ring, opting for unusual styles and designs that will turn some heads.

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Types Of Diamond Cluster Rings

Cluster rings come in a variety of styles. The classic cluster is a band with smaller diamonds on either side. Two or more rows of diamonds are another popular design, and they can be set close together or spread out over many fingers. 

A ring featuring four large solitaire stones surrounded by one row of small diamonds is also popular. One thing that all cluster rings have in common is that they feature multiple gems arranged closely together.

Each stone will significantly impact your overall budget. While individual stones may not cost much, there will be many of them. Before committing to it, you should ensure you can afford your desired style.

Most people prefer larger cluster rings with lots of diamonds, while others prefer smaller clusters with a handful of stones in each ring. The color of the diamonds used in the ring can also make a big difference, with popular choices being blue, pink, yellow, and white. 

You can even choose a diamond cluster with a mix of colors, allowing you to create a unique piece.

How To Find The Perfect Diamond Cluster Ring

When looking for your perfect diamond cluster ring, consider where you will wear it and how you want to feel when you wear it. If you're going to make a big style statement, opt for a big ring with lots of diamonds that will turn heads. 

If you want to make a minor style statement, find a brilliant ring with only a few diamonds. The cluster's shape can also have an impact. So consider whether you'd like to use an open cluster ring or a more closed one that hides the stones behind it.

Where To Find The Perfect Diamond Cluster Ring

You can buy a diamond cluster ring in several places, including the Luvari collection or a traditional jewelry store. One of your options is online retailers specializing in diamond engagement rings and all sorts of styles.

Another option is local jewelers, who have both online and brick-and-mortar locations. 

A third option for finding a great piece at an affordable price is using independent diamond cutters. These professionals will work with you directly to design a custom ring based on your specifications.

Final Thoughts

To get the perfect diamond cluster ring, visit Luvari collection. You can also reach us via Twitter or visit our website. We have a wide range of these rings available, including classic pieces that use only a few diamonds and more elaborate pieces that incorporate many smaller diamonds together.

Contact us to learn more about diamond cluster rings and how we can help you find the perfect one for you. 

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