Wedding Ring Engraving Guide

A wedding or anniversary ring is the perfect place to hide a meaningful message to your spouse. But with endless options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the perfect inscription. Here’s a brief guide to give you some inspiration and help you choose the right message. 
 Classic Expressions of Love 
 The classics are classic for a reason. They are heartfelt ways to express love and devotion to your partner. You can go with messages like: 
  • I love you 
  • Always & forever 
  •  Love never fails 
  •  I choose you 
  •  Eternally yours 
  •  Two souls, one heart 
  •  Cross my heart 
  •  To the moon and back 
  •  Love endures all things 
  •  My forever One and only 
 These short phrases convey a powerful message that is sure to stick with your spouse. If you want to include a longer phrase with a classic message, consider quotes like: 
  •  I can’t wait to spend eternity with you 
  •  You’re the answer to my everything 
  •  You are everything I never knew I wanted 
  •  What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder 
 No matter how long or how short, these power-packed messages never get old. 
 If you’d rather stick with a short and sweet engraving, a nickname or term of endearment may be the best option. This can be a name you use just with each other, like “sweetheart” or “babe,” or a name that is significant for you. You could also choose a fun nickname to add a playful aspect to the engraving. 
 Inside Jokes 
 If you want to really personalize your inscription, choose a message that is completely your own. Maybe you have a funny memory of when you first met or a phrase you use to end a fight. These personal jokes and phrases make perfect inscriptions because they are filled with intimate meaning. They convey deep messages and represent your relationship in a way that makes sense for you. 
 Movies, Music, Literature 
 Movies, music, and literature have ways of reaching our souls and making us feel something we can’t explain. That’s why lyrics and quotes make great options for engravings. You can choose a line from your favorite film or a lyric from your wedding song. You could also opt for a quote that conveys your feelings perfectly. Some examples include: 
  •  You jump, I jump 
  •  Livin’ for you 
  •  Two hearts in love need no words 
  •  I want to hold your hand 
  •  Truly, madly, deeply 
  •  Don’t wanna miss a thing 
  •  Love is wind for the soul 
  •  You’re my lobster 
  •  You’re the one that I want 
  •  Let’s start with forever 
  •  God gave me you 
  •  Till I loved I never lived 
  •  You had me at hello 
  •  Just the way you are 
 You can use a direct quote or change it up to make it more meaningful for your relationship. With movies, music, and literature, you have nearly endless options of fun, loving, or heartfelt quotes to choose from. 
 While this guide is meant to help you choose the perfect engraving, it’s by no means a comprehensive list. Your engraving should be meaningful to you. 
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