How To Wear A Wedding Ring Set

How To Wear A Wedding Ring Set

You can wear your wedding and engagement rings separately or together; there are no guidelines for doing so. If you have just gotten married, congratulations! Perhaps you want to switch up how you already wear your ring sets. Here are the ways to wear your wedding ring set;

How to wear wedding ring set

Different Ways To Wear Wedding Sets

On Top of The Engagement Ring On The Ring Finger

You could wear your rings on the traditional ring finger (left ring finger) in the order you receive them. Therefore, the engagement ring goes under the wedding ring- the conventional way of wearing rings. However, this method is limited to some ring styles and finger types.

Under The Engagement Ring On The Ring Finger

Another method is to wear the wedding and engagement rings on the traditional ring finger but with the wedding ring under the engagement ring. It could be because of your preference, or it looks better. Some wear their rings for sentimental reasons- to feel the wedding band nearer to the heart.

On A Different Ring Finger From The Engagement Ring 

For a less traditional way, you could wear a wedding ring on the right-hand ring finger and the engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger, or vice versa. This option is best for ring sets that do not match and do not look good together. Also, the ring sets may be so stunning that they must be displayed separately without distractions. Lastly, it is the best way if you have short fingers or do not like wearing many rings on one finger.

Alternating With The Engagement Ring

Wearing just one of the wedding and engagement rings, depending on the occasion, is also a good choice. This choice is excellent if wearing two rings is too grand for you. Moreover, it could be that one of the rings is very expensive and hence is only worn on occasions. 

On Any Other Finger Apart From The Left Hand Ring Finger 

In this arrangement, you will maintain the engagement ring on the left hand's ring finger. Then you will wear the wedding ring on any finger, which is not the norm but unique. The finger of choice is entirely a personal preference.

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As you choose your wedding ring, you may consider how you want to wear your wedding ring set. You could consider arranging these beautiful ring sets differently if you have already chosen your ring. 

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