How To Steam A Wedding Dress

How To Steam A Wedding Dress

If you need to steam your wedding dress, make sure you follow these key tips to ensure your dress isn’t damaged before the big day and so you don’t end up with water spots or other steamer-related flaws.

Let’s dive into the best ways to minimize your dress’s chance of wrinkling, how to deal with minor wrinkles, and what to do about creases.

How To Steam A Wedding Dress

Minimize Your Dress’s Chance to Wrinkle

One of the best ways to prepare your dress for steaming is by minimizing its chances of being wrinkled before your big day. 

Make sure you don’t store your dress in a crumpled, folded position between your purchase of the dress and your wedding. Instead, hang it up so that it has enough room and doesn’t drag against the floor. Also, don’t allow the dress to become squished between other clothes by hanging in between your regular clothes.

Additionally, make sure that the hanger you use to suspend your wedding dress is a padded hanger. Unpadded hangers may start the shoulders of your dress unnecessarily and cause more dress in the long run.

Dealing with Minor Wrinkles

If your dress only has minor wrinkles, you’re in luck. Every dress will have minor flaws that need fixing before your wedding, and minor wrinkles are one of the easiest flaws to fix.

Instead of using a heavy-duty clothes steamer on the dress, for minor wrinkles, go ahead and hang the dress from your shower rod and allow the hot water from the shower to fill the room with steam and loosen the minor wrinkles.

Make sure that you carefully prepare your bathroom before beginning the wedding dress in to avoid unnecessary damage. You can lay out towels on the floor to ensure the bottom of the dress doesn’t get dirty and make sure all lotions, soaps, and other liquids are carefully stored.

Getting Heavier Creases Out

Handheld steamers should be used if your dress has heavier wrinkles that a simple shower steam won’t get out. Just make sure you don’t steam the dress directly.

Instead, use a cloth or hand towel as a buffer between the steamer and the dress so that you don’t have to worry about water spots.

Is Your Wedding Coming Up Soon?

If your wedding is coming up soon, first of all, congratulations! If you need any more information about how to steam your wedding dress safely, or have any concerns about your jewelry and finding the perfect bands for your big day, don’t wait—reach out to make an appointment with one of our superstar jewelers today!

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