How To Identify A Raw Diamond

How To Identify A Raw Diamond

Diamonds are classified as either cut or uncut: When a diamond is in its original state and has not been cut, it's often referred to as a "rough" or "raw" diamond. If you found a rock that looks like it might be a diamond, you can simply do a quick visual review in order to rule out other gems.

After visually identifying the four corners of a diamond gem, use any of these three tests to evaluate whether the stone you are having is a diamond or not.

Scratch the Diamond Crystal on a Corundum

Corundum is a mineral that is slightly less hard than diamond. It can be purchased alongside a mineral testing kit. In order to use corundum to test the authenticity of the diamond, hold the corundum up against the suspected diamond and see the diamond to scratch a line on the corundum by rubbing the two gems together. If your gem does scratch corundum, it's definitely diamond. But if it doesn't, then it's another mineral.

diamond tester

Use a Diamond Tester on the Raw Diamond

One way to test if a stone is a diamond is by using a diamond tester which can easily be purchased from an online store. Before using the gadget to test if your gem is a diamond, make sure the battery has full power, easily indicated by a green light. If your diamond tester is fully powered, press the tester on your gem and wait for it to make a noise.

If the tester makes a noise, it could mean your gem is a diamond. If there's no noise, then your gem is not a diamond.

Conduct a Density Test

One thing that sets diamonds apart from other gemstones is their density; the average range is 3.5 to 3.56g/ml. In order to test the density of your gem, identify the weight of your gem using an electric scale, preferably one with at least two decimal places. Find a plastic cup and fill it with water, enough to cover your diamond without having to touch the bottom of the cup.

Place the plastic cup filled with water on a scale, zero-rate it, and then submerge your gem in it using a paper string without having the gem touch the corners or the base of the cup, then collect the reading. Divide the weight of your gem with its weight when submerged in water. If your numbers are close to 3.5, then chances are your gem is a diamond.

Even though Diamond has their unique traits, it might not be easy for everyone to appraise them. Contact us today for more information on how to appraise a rough diamond.

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