How To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Indentation

How To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Indentation

Choosing a wedding ring that fits comfortably is essential. Ring indentation is very common, especially if you have been wearing it for a long time. But worry not because I will be sharing a few tips to remove the indentation. Whether you have just been divorced or just want to get rid of that indentation, you are sorted. No matter how long you have worn the ring, it will not leave a permanent mark. After the ring has been removed, your finger regains its natural size. There are several ways to remove the indents, and they vary with every person.

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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Indentation

How long it takes for an indent to go away depends from person to person. For some, it can take one year to take off the ring, while in some rare cases, it can be two years. Please avoid any ring on your finger that has the indentation  to enable your finger to return to its natural size.

Applying Oil And Sunscreen Before Stepping Out

The first way you can try to remove a ring indentation is by running oil on the indentation of your finger. Oil will help moisturize your skin, reducing the time it takes to go away. Sometimes the tan caused by sun exposure makes the indentation  more stubborn hence suitable to constantly use sunscreen.

Hot Water

Running your finger through hot water while massaging is another method. The hot water will help the blood vessels in your fingers expand, which should help reduce the size of the indentation of your finger.

Exfoliating Your Affected Area Regularly

Exfoliating the affected area will help get rid of dead cells that darken the area. Make it a habit at least twice a week, and you will thank this trick. Lemon juice and honey, while combined, do wonders to the ring indents. Apply and leave it for 15 mins, then wash it off. Allowing time and nature to take courses requires patience as these methods do not work overnight.

There are few ways to remove a wedding ring indent, but trusting time and religious use of these methods will do you good. It depends on how long you have worn the ring; the longer the time, the longer it will take to clear. 

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