How to Fix Wedding Ring Rash

How to Fix Wedding Ring Rash

When you notice a red rash or feel an itch under your wedding ring, your skin could be allergic to one of the metals used in the ring. Alternatively, your skin may be reacting to something else that is coming into contact with it from underneath the ring.

A rash from a wedding ring is a common condition known as contact dermatitis. This can happen anywhere on the body where the skin has come into contact with an allergen or irritant.

There are several ways you can treat ring rash. One way is to remove whatever is causing the irritation or allergy. If you can't remove your wedding ring, try one of these other options.

How to Fix Wedding Ring Rash

Apply Hypoallergenic Cream

You may be able to control ring rash by moisturizing your skin with a hypoallergenic cream. It's advisable to remove your ring before washing your hands to give your skin a chance to dry out. Once it's dry, apply the hypoallergenic cream.

Also, lotions that have Ceramide content can help you protect and moisturize your skin.

Get the Ring Plated

Different metals can have different effects on your skin, so if you're allergic to a certain type of metal, getting it plated can help create a barrier between your skin and the metal. This can prevent any further irritation or reactions.

The process involves coating the ring with a different metal that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. For example, a wedding ring made from silver can be given a coat of Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal that is silver in color and is part of the platinum family. Allergies to Rhodium are rare because it is such an inert precious metal.

Find a Professional to Clean the Wedding Ring

Rings can collect dirt, skin, and cream residue over time. A professional cleaning can remove this build-up without damaging the jewelry. 

If the build-up was containing bacteria that led to the rash, the rash should resolve itself once the ring is clean.

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