How Tight Should a Man's Wedding Ring Be?

How Tight Should a Man's Wedding Ring Be?

The last thing you want is to lose something that you cherish so much, like your wedding ring. This jewel is the ultimate symbol of your love, and you often wear it in various places. Getting the proper wedding ring size ensures you won't misplace it as you go about your day.

How Tight Should a Man's Wedding Ring Be?

Does Your Ring Fit Properly?

You don't want your wedding ring to be too tight or loose. It is best if it fits just right. You can determine if a wedding ring fits just right if you notice these signs:

    • It is snug but comes off: The ring should slide over your knuckle with some friction and resistance. However, the resistance shouldn't be enough to cause pain. The wedding ring should require little force to remove it when sliding it over your knuckle, but not have excessive friction that you require soap and water to remove it. 
    • Your finger doesn't bulge around it: A dreaded bulge develops when your wedding ring is too tight. Your finger's skin shouldn't turn red around the ring's edges or puff around it.
    • The ring does not hurt, swell, or tingle: Putting on your wedding ring shouldn't tingle, hurt, or swell. A wedding ring that's too tight can cut off your blood circulation and prevent your finger's skin from breathing, which can cause severe damage. 
    • It doesn't leave indent markings: Your wedding ring can be too tight if you observe a depressed, discolored impression on your finger when you take off the ring. A tan line or slight discoloration isn't something to worry about, but a purple or red ring shows you need a resize.

How To Find Your Ring Size

You'll find a ring that fits well once you know your ring size. You can determine your wedding ring size in various ways:

  • Measure your finger's diameter and compare the measurement with online ring charts. 
  • Visit a jeweler for professional measurement of your ring size.


Measure the finger when you are not too cold or hot. If you are between two sizes, choose the bigger one to be comfortable. Your ring size can fluctuate, so a resize can be necessary once you notice your wedding ring doesn't fit you properly.

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