Exploring the Popularity of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Exploring the Popularity of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Trends are not just for fashion and music. Jewelry is also part of culture, which makes it just as susceptible to shifts in popular mood and opinion. With a little history and a keen eye, you may even be able to date the marriages of people you know based on their rings.

One of the hottest trends in recent memory is the rise of rose gold engagement rings. They first became popular in 19th-century Russia and Victorian England, and modern couples are embracing them anew. In this blog post, we explain the nature of rose gold, analyze the causes of its revival, and showcase a few favorite rings.

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What is Rose Gold?

In terms of color, rose gold refers to a blend of pink and yellow. The substitution of the flower for the color is a poetic choice, giving it a certain romance. The hue is pale, verging on white or purple depending on the amount of yellow mixed in. The common perceptions of it are romantic, refined, elegant, and luxurious.

These perceptions come from the metal of the same name, a gold alloy that adds copper and traces of silver. Adding more copper means more redness takes over, but many formulations have a balance of about 58% gold, 40% copper, and silver for the remainder. The result is a distinct and dazzling material for crafting distinct and dazzling jewelry, including rose gold engagement rings.

Why are These Rings Popular?

As with so many trends, rose gold may be a popular choice for rings nowadays because it just feels fresh. When you shop for engagement rings, you see the same colors crop up again and again, sample after sample, row after row. The selection is awash in whites, golds, and greys. All are shiny and pleasing to the eye.

With that said, some couples want something different. Most, if not all, believe that their relationship is not just sacred, but one-of-a-kind. It is only natural that when they want to crystallize that union through marriage, they seek out engagement rings that stand out.

When traditional gold and silver bands feel too generic or interchangeable, rose gold engagement rings stand out from the bunch. For something metallic, its appearance is surprisingly vibrant. The pinkish hue’s traditional associations with romance and passion may also contribute to its popularity in a symbol of cementing a couple’s exclusive status.

There is more, of course. Despite the impression its beauty may give, rose gold is on the more desirable end of the affordability spectrum compared to other metals. It may also last a long time thanks to the stone’s high durability. Both factors also mean that one can get weddings rings made from rose gold, in addition to their engagement rings.

What Else Should I Know?

One warning we should give is that by their nature, no rose gold rings are hypoallergenic. Copper, and plenty of it, is required to give it the color and its other distinct qualities. We advise that both partners try on the ring before committing to a purchase. If either experiences discomfort, look into more compatible options.

You may need to do so anyway if you do not act quickly. Thanks to their recent explosion in popularity, rose gold wedding rings are selling in serious numbers. If you and your partner are committed to snagging a pair for yourselves, look for a reliable supplier and stake your claim right away.

A Few Favorite Examples

Jewelers strive to keep a close watch on the latest trends in their field. When they see demand, they work hard to supply. As a result, aspiring fiancées can choose from a wide selection of rose gold engagement rings. To give you an idea of what is out there, we share a few of our favorites below.

14K Rose Gold, Poinsettia Ring with High Polish

We admit that the star of the 14K rose gold poinsettia high polish 2mm ring is not the rose gold material. It is difficult to ignore the incredible moissanite configuration that tops it off. Like a drawing of the sun, it features one large 1K gem encircled by eight smaller ones.

This design will definitely dazzle all who behold it. With that said, the rose gold ring adds a blaze of color. It is even apparent if you look between the eight stones: you will spot pink barriers that enhance the glamor. The reflectiveness from the polish job ties it all together.

14K Rose Gold, Iris Ring with High Polish

Victorian flower language associated irises with admiration, hope, and faith — all of which are part of the engagement experience. Getting a band with an iris-shaped gem, such as the 14K rose gold iris high polish 2mm engagement ring, is only fitting. This eloquent design catches light, along with every eye in the room.

The rose gold band is an extravagant affair. Nine moissanite gems run down each side from the centerpiece as accents, for a grand total of 19 stones. The whole piece is beautiful from any angle, especially if you shell out for a personalized inscription on the side.

14K Rose Gold, Marigold Ring with High Polish

We may have focused a bit more on the stones that adorn the previous two rose gold engagement rings rather than the rings themselves. The 14K rose gold marigold high polish 2mm engagement ring is different. The rock is curiously elongated, and it stretches perpendicular to the band.

This design quirk calls attention to the rest of the ring, not just to the gem itself. It even achieves a similar effect when you look at the whole piece from the side. The rock’s relative flatness goes horizontal, contrasting the verticality of the rose gold band. This different approach is striking and lovely.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings at Luvari

The three rose gold engagement rings we describe above are only a few of the many distinct offerings at Luvari. We are just as fond of the material at our store as our customers. As such, we are pleased to be a reliable resource for stunning and high-quality takes on the concept.

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