Does Yellow Gold Tarnish?

Does Yellow Gold Tarnish?

Greetings, Luvari family! Today, we're diving deep into the golden world of jewelry to answer a question many of you have asked: Does yellow gold tarnish? Get ready to be enlightened and, as always, feel the Luvari warmth that connects us all. Let’s embark on this shimmering journey together!

A Golden Introduction

Yellow gold, with its timeless allure, has graced human civilization for eons. But, like every precious thing, it raises questions about its endurance and lasting beauty. We're here to unravel the secrets of this golden gem! 

Embracing the Beauty of Yellow Gold

  • Definition and Properties: At its core, yellow gold is an alloy of gold, silver, copper, and sometimes zinc.
  • Crafting Yellow Gold: The alloying process gives yellow gold its delightful hue and strength.
  • Karat Magic: Understanding the karat system is crucial. Higher karats (like 24K) have more gold, while lower karats blend in other metals.

Luvari Tip: Each piece on Luvari’s website can be customized to your desired gold karat. Whether you're looking for an 18K charm or a 24K masterpiece, remember, it’s all crafted with you in mind!

Demystifying Tarnishing

Tarnishing is the dulling or discoloration metals might undergo due to various reasons. While metals like silver are notorious for tarnishing, what about our beloved yellow gold?

The Golden Verdict

  • Short & Sweet: Pure gold doesn't tarnish. However, the alloy metals in yellow gold can influence its resistance to tarnish.
  • The Role of Alloys: Copper, silver, and zinc, when alloyed with gold, can sometimes react to external factors, leading to tarnishing.
  • Higher vs. Lower Karat: Generally, higher karat gold (more pure gold) tarnishes less than its lower karat counterparts.

Factors Adding a Tarnish Twist

While yellow gold’s charm is undeniable, certain factors can challenge its shine:

  • Environmental Play: Humidity, oxygen, and sulfur can be sneaky culprits.
  • Chemical Culprits: Everyday products like perfumes or lotions might not be gold's best friend.
  • The Body's Role: Our unique body chemistry can sometimes react with our golden trinkets.

Luvari’s Guide to Caring for Yellow Gold

  • Daily Dos: Avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals or abrasive surfaces.
  • Clean with Care: Gentle cleaning with a soft cloth works wonders. For deeper cleaning, consult with our Jewelry Concierge team, always at your service.
  • Store Smart: Keep your gold jewelry in individual soft pouches to prevent scratches.

Bursting the Myths

There are countless tales about gold. But remember, not everything that glitters is truth. Always rely on trusted sources (like your Luvari family) to guide you! Here are three myths associated with it and their clarifications:

  • Myth: Higher Karat Gold is Always Better
  • Truth: While higher karat gold, like 24K, is purer and less likely to tarnish, it’s also softer and more prone to scratching. Depending on the use (e.g., everyday wear vs. occasional), a lower karat might be more suitable due to its added strength from alloy metals.
  • Myth: Real Gold Doesn't Leave a Green Mark on the Skin
  • Truth: Sometimes, gold jewelry can leave a green mark on the skin. This isn't an indicator of the gold’s authenticity but rather a reaction between the metal and either the body's acids or certain lotions and substances on the skin. This is more common with lower-karat gold jewelry because of the other metals alloyed with the gold.
  • Myth: Yellow Gold is Outdated and Not in Fashion Anymore
  • Truth: Yellow gold is timeless! Its warm hue has been celebrated for centuries and continues to be a favorite choice for many jewelry enthusiasts. Trends come and go, but yellow gold remains a classic and treasured choice for many.

Wrapping Up in Gold

Yellow gold remains a testament to beauty, resilience, and timeless charm. With the right care, its brilliance can shine for generations.

Ready to Explore More? Dive into our treasure trove of knowledge on the Luvari Education Blog or make an appointment for a personalized experience.

Your journey with gold doesn’t have to be solo. Remember, the Luvari Jewelry Concierge team is always here, cheering you on, and assisting with every sparkle and gleam! 

Stay Golden! 

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