Do Wedding Bands Have To Match?

Do Wedding Bands Have To Match?

Some couples choose to wear matching wedding bands. Other couples get rings that are similar in some ways but different in others to ensure that they best fit the daily needs of the wearer. 

Whether you and your partner want to wear matching bands is a personal decision, but if you’re struggling to decide what the best option for you might be, check out this article to learn about traditional matching rings, why you need to love your own ring, and a couple of ways you can make mismatched rings complimentary.

Do Wedding Bands Have To Match?

Traditional Wedding Bands

The tradition for matching wedding bands is relatively new. In fact, in America, grooms didn't receive wedding bands until the 20th century. Despite this, it is the commonly accepted opinion that men’s and women’s wedding bands should match.

Note that traditions surrounding wedding bands will differ between countries and cultures, but typically they are considered to be an outward expression of unity between a husband and wife. 


However, these bands do not necessarily need to be identical. Many couples choose to follow more non-traditional routes with jewelry selections so that both members of the couple are happy with their ring options.

Love Your Own Ring

With wedding bands, it’s very important that you like your own ring and that it works for you. Couples will have a lot in common, but there will always be differences in opinion and taste in everything from pets to wedding bands.

Your wedding band is something you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life, so you need to make sure that it’s something you love and that works for you. If you work with your hands a lot, you may want to choose an option that is more durable like tungsten or ceramic bands. If you prefer more delicate ring options, a thinner gold or silver band may be optimal for you.

How to Make Mismatched Rings Complementary

If you decide that mismatched bands are the answer for you and your partner, you can still make them somewhat uniform by using the same metals, with different styles or, alternatively, different metals in the same style.

Are You In the Market for Wedding Bands?

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