Can You Use An Eternity Ring As A Wedding Ring?

Can You Use An Eternity Ring As A Wedding Ring?

The short answer is: yes, eternity rings can be used as a wedding ring. 

Understanding what an eternity ring is, is paramount in knowing the numerous purposes of the ring. Eternity rings are named as such due to the circular attachment of precious stones, especially diamonds that go around the ring's band, not showing where the diamonds start and end, signifying eternity.

Using Eternity Rings As Wedding Ring

Traditionally, eternity rings are usually given to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship, such as:

  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Birth of a newborn
  • Rekindling broken marriages

But the fact is, it's the 21st century, and the conventional expectations of an eternity ring have changed with time. If you see an eternity ring you wish to wed with, so be it, as it's all bands encrusted with sparkling stones.

Types Of Eternity Rings

If you decide to wed using eternity rings, consider choosing either of the two available options; there are no big differences in the material used to make both rings and the setting of the stones, only the number of carats surrounding the band differs.

Half eternity

Half Eternity Ring

A half-set band sparkled with gems is affordable and readily available. It requires gems only on its face, leaving the underside plain. If you're a perfectionist, this might be your best selection.

Full eterntity ring

Full Eternity Ring

A band set with an entire hoop of gemstones symbolizes eternal commitment. The underside of the ring is filled with stones making it exquisite to look at; the rings are pretty expensive and require more work to fabricate.

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