Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry?

Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry?

In short, yes. Mixing silver and gold jewelry can make a bold statement, create interest, and look great. While it used to be considered a mistake to mix gold and silver jewelry, it is now an exciting new fashion trend.

Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry?

How To Wear Silver And Gold Jewelry Together

Consider the Four Main Jewelry Regions

Your fingers, wrists, neck, and ears are the four primary areas where jewelry is worn. You can wear jewelry in all four of these regions, or any combination of a few. You want to balance the mixing of metals in the different areas. Make sure your total look goes together well.

Wear gold and silver rings in a stack on each finger that you wear rings on. Stack bracelets the same way. Necklaces can be layered with different metals. You could also wear different metal earrings in each ear. Each region can have its own mixture and you can evaluate how the whole look gels together.

Think About the Look You Are Going For

Each jewelry piece has its own tone, and you want to create a balance between the different tones. If you are going for a very feminine look, all the pieces should be delicate and graceful. If you are going for a powerful look, the pieces should be bold and striking. While the metals may be different, your general look and feel should be coordinated.

Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry?

Repeat Each Color Of Jewelry At Least Once

Don’t just put one silver piece in an outfit that otherwise contains just gold. Two-tone pieces and a variety of gold and silver pieces throughout can create interest and prevent a jarring contrast which could happen when there is just one piece that is different.


Try different combinations. Use all of your pieces to see which ones go together best, which ones create the look you want, and which ones communicate the tone you are going after. Since your outfits and jewelry are a reflection of you, you are the best judge as to what looks good. Try different things until you find exactly what you are going for.

Ask For Advice

The enthusiastic jewelers at Luvari are always here to help you decide on the best jewelry for your needs. We can give you advice on what pieces pair well together and what two-tone pieces create the style you are looking for. You can always contact us for advice, even though you are the final judge regarding your appearance.


You can check out our stackable rings, our two-tone wedding bands, and our multi-color rings. You can always contact our master jewelers who can create and manufacture a design for you personally, utilizing any type of metal you wish. At Luvari, we know all about fine jewelry and we love to share our knowledge. You can trust our advice on paring gold, silver, and any other metals to achieve a coordinated look for every occasion.

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