Can I Shower With My Wedding Ring?

Can I Shower With My Wedding Ring?

Showering with a wedding ring seems harmless, but there's a risk of damage every time you wear it while you clean. To help you better comprehend ring care, we've answered a few frequently asked questions.

Can Soap Damage My Wedding Band?

Soaps and oils overtime damage the ring. They erode the finish of the diamond. Many wedding rings are made from gold or platinum and are prone to scratching. Regardless of the smoothness of the soap, it cannot be pleasant to the ring. It'll make it lose its shine. 

Additionally, the diamond in the wedding band is easily damaged by toiletries. Diamond attracts oils from bath products. They stick to the surface blocking the light, making it duller.

Can I Shower With My Wedding Ring

Should I be Worried Of My Ring Falling Into The Drain?

It is not just scratches that could damage the band; there's also a risk of losing it down the drain. The ring may be the perfect fit, but that won't stop it from sliding off. Conditioners, soaps, and shampoos are slimy. Even if the diamond is too big to fit down the drain, there's always a risk from prior knocks. Chances are, the scratches may have damaged the diamond setting and loosened the stone.

How Can I Protect My Wedding Band In The Shower?

Rings are easily prone to unwanted damage, whether it's showering at work, the gym, or your place. The best way to protect your wedding band from risks is to take them off beforehand. You'd want to put it in a safe place outside the bathroom or invest in a jewelry holder. The damage from shower incidents isn't always visible but it is still there. Extra caution needs practice.  

Where Can I Get A Wedding Band?

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