Can I Get My Diamond Clarity Enhanced?

Can I Get My Diamond Clarity Enhanced?

If you've been looking for an answer to this frequently asked question, the answer is yes. The color, carat, cut, and clarity determine a diamond's quality. By decreasing the inclusions in the diamond, the clarity of a diamond can be improved. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have undergone artificial treatment to enhance their clarity.

How Is Diamond Clarity Enhanced?

Visible inclusions are removed to improve diamond clarity and make the stone more aesthetically pleasing. There are two primary ways in which the clarity of a diamond can be enhanced:

1. Lasering

This treatment technique uses laser beams to selectively target the inclusions by drilling deep into the diamond and removing the inclusions. This method is usually used on black carbon atoms. As a result, the diamond gains more excellent brilliance and a more appealing appearance.

2. Filling

This method fills a clear or glass-like resin into the diamonds. Cutting-edge technology is used to make inclusions embedded in the stone less visible. The resin ensures all gaps and cracks are filled so that they become less obvious to our eyes while allowing light rays to pass through instead of reflecting off.

How Do I Know If a Diamond's Clarity Has Been Enhanced?

  • If you hold a clarity-enhanced diamond facing a light source, it exhibits a pink sparkle.
  • Using a gemological microscope, you'll notice a subtle or vibrant neon hue in the stone.
  • By inspecting the lab reports on the certificate. The footnote of the certificate contains the majority of these facts.

Diamond Clarity Enhanced

Caring For Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity-enhanced diamonds require maintenance, like untreated diamonds, as they can amass dirt, oil, and other residues over time, dulling the diamond's appearance. A clarity-enhanced diamond must occasionally be cleaned to keep its brilliance. You can either clean it at home or take it to a jeweler.

Should I Get My Diamond Clarity Enhanced?

Enhancing the clarity of your diamond is an excellent way of making a stone more elegant and versatile. If you want to increase a stone's value and aesthetic appeal, you should consider improving its clarity. A clarity-enhanced diamond is also a fantastic choice if you're considering purchasing a diamond with a large carat weight at an affordable price.


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