Are VVS Diamonds Real?

Are VVS Diamonds Real?

Diamonds spell out perfection just by their appearance and feel. No wonder people are constantly striving to get the best quality in terms of clarity, carats, stone cut, and color. Obviously, all these specifications and features mean that there are various types of diamonds, but the most common one you will hear is VVS. 

With that said, you may ask, "Are VVS diamonds real?" To answer your question, read on…

What Is Diamond Clarity?

VVS Diamonds

Clarity is the measurement of a diamond's purity, and it ranges from flawless to heavily included. In order to determine the clarity of gemstones, jewelers must examine their sizes, colors, and positions of imperfections under a 10x magnifying glass.

Diamond Clarity Chart

  • FL – Flawless 
  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 – Very, Very Slightly Included
  • VVS2 – Very, Very Slightly Included
  • VS1 & VS2– Very Slightly Included
  • SI1 & SI2 – Slightly Included
  • I1, I2, & I3 – Included


What Are VVS Diamonds?

VVS Diamonds

As aforementioned, diamonds are classified according to their characteristic features and specifications. For instance, the aspect of clarity. VVS diamonds are said to be visually flawless; however, that is not entirely true. When viewed under a 10x magnification, they are seen to contain flaws, thus the initials VVS (very, very slightly included). These flaws further categorize them into two other main types:

VVS1 Diamonds

They are visually clean but not quite perfect. They have inclusions that usually appear close to the edges or at the lower pavilion.

VVS2 Diamonds

Similar to the VVS1 diamonds, VVS2 diamonds also contain inclusions. However, for this type, the inclusions mostly appear around the center of the stone or close to the table.

Are VVS Diamonds Fake Or Real?

VVS Diamonds

VVS diamonds are the most expensive types of diamonds after the Flawless and the Internally Flawless types. They are the most common ones on the world market today.  With that said, VVS diamonds are 100% real! However, before buying a piece of jewelry, make sure you buy from a verified seller to avoid buying counterfeit products.

Where To Purchase VVS Diamonds?

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