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7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That is how the old song goes. Of course, women are not the only people who can appreciate and enjoy the sparkle of this enchanting jewel. After all, male rappers often boast in their bars about chasing, buying, and flaunting bling with expensive “ice.”
The point is that diamond jewelry can look and feel great for anyone, regardless of sex or gender. Diamond wedding rings in particular remain a popular choice for couples to materially represent their unbreakable love. If you are shopping for exceptional examples, we can help with this list of exceptional diamond wedding rings.

10K White/Yellow Gold, Two-Tone Triple Diamond with Satin Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond and gold are a brilliant combination, but remember that there are at least two noteworthy kinds of gold out there. Yellow gold is what most of us imagine first when we think of the mineral. White gold, an alloy, is another beautiful option. Which one should you choose?
The real question should be, “Why choose at all?” The 10K white/yellow gold, two-tone triple diamond band features 10K of each type, making for a stunning ring design. It also features three diamonds in the center, a satisfying satin finish, and shining polished edges. This complex combination is both distinctive and breathtaking.

18K White Gold, Six Diamond with Scratch Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
When we first get a ring, the finish is flawless. Over time, though, scratches will inevitably mar the surface, especially if you neglect to polish it every once in a while. Some bright minds decided rather than leaving it to fate, they would just create rings that come with a “scratch finish.”
The results can be surprisingly artful and fashionable. You need not look further for proof than the 18K white gold, six diamond wedding ring. This eight-millimeter marvel divides its half-dozen diamonds into pairs and separates them by white gold bars. The price tag is hefty, but the look is instantly iconic.

14K White/Yellow Gold, Two-Tone Evenly Spaced Seven Diamond with Satin Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
Do you fancy the idea of a diamond wedding band with a striking two-tone structure, but do not think three diamonds are enough? Are you intrigued by the six diamond masterpiece described above, but wish that white gold had some yellow to go with it? Is choosing between the two fabulous options above proving difficult?
The 14K white/yellow gold, two-tone evenly spaced seven diamond ring with satin finish combines features from both rings with eye-popping results. On top of that, it features a whopping seven diamonds, all space equally apart along the entire band. They will catch light from all sides, like a constellation on your finger.

Platinum, Diamond with Milgrain Borders & Satin Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
As of this writing, the platinum diamond ring with milgrain borders and satin finish is our most expensive item in this category. We do not include it on this list of recommendations for that reason alone. Our jewelers used their fullest abilities to create the most stunning diamond wedding ring they could.
Look hard at the picture and count the number of diamonds: nine in a line, all looking divine. Moreover, the ring is made from platinum — quite rare, extremely dense, highly durable, and truly luxurious. It even includes two milgrain lines, creating a design that will be the envy of all who gaze upon it.

10K White Gold, Offset Diamond Band with Satin Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
On the opposite end of the price range at our store’s selection lies the 10K white gold, offset diamond band with satin finish. It is relatively economical in cost, but it is hardly some barren band of cheap metal. You may just find it among the most unique and stylish rings available.
The standout design quirk is the positioning of its two diamonds. Rather than placing them side by side, they run parallel to each other in their own lines. They resemble two shooting stars hurtling in opposite directions. Add the satin finish and white gold material and you have a powerful design.
10K White Gold, Triple Diamond with Slanted Edge & Satin Finish
7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
Some diamond wedding rings place the ice on its own pedestal, jutting from the band. Others line them up in a row dug into the metal. Others still spread them throughout the ring. The 10K white gold, triple diamond ring with slanted edge and satin finish takes a different approach rife with symbolic potential.
This piece of jewelry sets the trio of gems not in a row, but in a column carved from edge to edge. Does the opening symbolize how every loving union originates from people being vulnerable with each other? Does it represent the precious things that stand out in life, including and especially marriage? You and your partner can decide.

14K White Gold, Single Diamond with Double Groove & Satin Finish

7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
The 14K white gold, single diamond ring with double groove and satin finish may be an unexpected choice to conclude this list. Previous entries feature between two and nine stones, but this one only contains one. It may also be the least visually remarkable item in this article.
Even so, it is hardly devoid of noteworthy features. The two grooves create a strong visual impression, along with the diamond — which is, after all, still a diamond, lustrous and exquisite. The satin finish and 14K white gold material make it bright, but not distractingly so. More importantly, the design is elegant in its simplicity, showing that flash is not necessary for a diamond wedding ring to shine.

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7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
The seven diamond wedding rings described above all approach the same basic concept, many with the same material and finish. However, each one has its own distinct features, structure, and overall design that makes it stand out from the rest. This diversity allows people to choose the one that best matches their and their partner’s tastes.
You can find all seven, along with over 40 other unique and stunning options, here at Luvari. We are proud to offer a selection of diamond wedding rings that is high in both variety and quality. You and your partner can both find something to love here.

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7 Unique & Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings
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