How To Clean Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

How To Clean Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Everyone would have diamond rings on their fingers if it were up to everyone. However, diamonds are pretty expensive. Thus, many people opt for the Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, which are more economical. This does not mean that these clarity-enhanced diamonds are less valuable. 

How To Clean Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Due to how clarity-enhanced diamonds are manufactured, they require specialized care to maintain their 'sparkle.' Below are tips for cleaning and maintaining your clarity enhanced diamond:

Tips for Maintaining your Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Avoid Ammonia

Many day-to-day household cleaning agents contain ammonia. Always remove your clarity-enhanced diamond before you begin cleaning your house. If the diamond is exposed to harsh acids or bases, the diamond treatment will wear away. If you do not want to remove your diamond for whatever reason, make sure you buy cleaning agents that do not have harsh acids or ammonia. You can also wear hard gloves when cleaning so that the diamond does not come into contact with the cleaning agent.

Store your Diamond Properly

Once you remove your clarity-enhanced diamond, don't just leave it anywhere. Ensure that you have a jewelry box that has different compartments. Each diamond should be stored in its compartment. This ensures that the diamond stones and metal are not scratched. 

Clean your Diamond Frequently

If you are not in a position to take your diamond to your jeweler for cleaning, you can clean and polish your diamond yourself. Follow these steps:

  • Make a solution of warm and soapy water.
  • Put your diamond inside the soapy water and let it settle for around 10 minutes. 
  • Remove the diamond and use a baby toothbrush to clean the dirt edged on your jewel. The baby toothbrush's soft bristles prevent the jewel from getting scratched. 
  • Rinse the diamond in clean, warm water. 
  • Air dry the diamond on a clean, dry towel. 

Repair your Diamond the Right Way

Ultimately, your diamond will need to be repaired. When you take your diamond to the jeweler that will repair it, ensure that you tell them that the stone is a clarity-enhanced diamond. They will then know how to repair it. 


Clarity-enhanced diamonds, whether wedding rings or engagement rings, must be cleaned appropriately to help maintain longevity. 

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