Benefits of a Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Benefits of a Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Proper care of your fine jewelry is essential to keep your investment in good shape. While a professional cleaning can take care of major dings and dents, you can do your part at home to manage scratches and tarnish as they happen.

Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Here are the benefits a jewelry polishing cloth offers.

It Removes Scratches and Tarnish
With everyday wear and tear, your jewelry will show signs of decline. You may notice small scrapes and slight dings. A polishing cloth makes it easy to clean those issues up in no time.

A polishing cloth is filled with abrasive compounds that gently remove a thin layer of metal, getting out imperfections and leaving a smooth top layer of metal. This abrasion is for easy polishing and won’t damage your jewelry. Although you should keep in mind that because the cloth removes a thin layer of metal, it isn’t a good choice for plated jewelry, as it will expose the metal underneath.

It Adds Shine
The non-abrasive side of a jewelry polishing cloth is made to buff your jewelry after the scratches and tarnish are removed. With a few seconds of buffing, you can return a bright shine to your ring and make it look like new again.

Your polishing cloth can improve the appearance of not only metals but gemstones as well.

It Makes Home Care Easy
Taking care of your jewelry at home is an important part of keeping it in good condition. A mild wash with a toothbrush and dish soap is one step. The other is polishing. With a good polishing cloth at home, you can take control of your cleaning routine. That means that you can manage scratches when they happen and don’t have to wait to take your piece in.

It Saves Money
While professional cleaning and polishing is important, you don’t need to get it done as often when you have the tools to clean and polish your jewelry at home. The small investment of a polishing cloth saves you a lot of trips to the jewelry store. You can do a lot of the care yourself and rely on the professionals only for deep cleanings and in-depth polishing services.

It Keeps Jewelry in Good Condition
When you invest in fine jewelry, you want to keep that investment in as good of a condition as possible. Not only does this guarantee that your accessories look great, but they will also keep their value better.

When you clean and polish your jewelry at home, you can keep your jewelry in good condition to maintain its value and keep it shiny for wearing.

A polishing cloth is a great tool to use for your everyday jewelry. Ask about our included cloths and how to use them for the best result.

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