How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

Are you shopping for a large carat clarity enhanced diamond? Do you know how long clarity-enhanced diamonds last? Nothing lasts forever, and neither do enhanced diamonds. However, good care and avoiding everyday use make enhanced diamonds last longer.  

This article defines clarity-enhanced diamonds, how long they last and how to protect them; 

What Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are low-grade natural diamonds that undergo an enhanced treatment process to treat defects through laser drilling or fracture filling. Defective diamonds with blemishes, inclusions, and flaws undergo the restoration process that rids them of any unsightly flaws making them appear like high-grade diamonds. 

How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

Theoretically, clarity-enhanced diamonds should have an eternal lifeline. However, these diamonds undergo an aggressive enhancement process that weakens their integrity. Clarity-enhanced diamonds withstand corrosive agents, heat, and pressure during the enhancement process. The process weakens the diamond's structure. Diamonds are susceptible to breakage when pressure is applied during repairs or cleaning.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds give in to pressure and leak out the stone fillings during intense cleaning. Once the filling leaks, the diamonds grow dull and lose their sparkle. Keep in mind that diamond sparkles determine their value. Once your clarity-enhanced diamond loses its sparkle, it has no value.

How long clarity-enhanced diamonds will last can only be determined by how well you care for them. Wear the diamonds occasionally makes them last and look great longer. Just because clarity-enhanced diamonds are affordable, they come with their risks.

How To Protect Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity-enhanced diamonds will not last forever. However, you can extend their lifeline but doing the following;

  • Avoid frequent exposure to harsh conditions during the cleaning process that weaken the diamonds.
  • During repairs, always inform your jeweler about the diamonds they are dealing with. They will be more cautious with your diamonds during the repair process.
  • Store your diamonds in a safe box where they are least likely to be damaged.
  • Regularly carry out routine checks and maintenance. Adopt effective home cleaning remedies and take the diamond for regular maintenance to a renowned dealer.


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