Everything You Should Know About Choosing a Men’s Wedding Ring

Everything You Should Know About Choosing a Men’s Wedding Ring

An old stereotype holds that women tend to put much more thought and care into wedding-related details than men. Even in modern times, when preconceived notions of gender roles and attributes are rightfully falling out of favor, this belief still lives. In our experience, all genders can be equally knowledgeable — or equally ignorant.

Shopping for men’s wedding rings involves an array of decisions that should all be as informed as possible. Whether you are a man interested in proposing or whether you are shopping for a man, this article can serve as a handy information resource. Read on for insights from the professionals.

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Selecting the Right Material
Arguably the most important aspect of any ring is the material from which it is made. The properties of the material affect everything else about it. You can choose from many kinds, each with their own pros and cons. Popular examples include gold (of various kinds), silver, titanium, platinum, and palladium. Here are a few important factors to consider.

As time passes, your ring may experience more than just the loss of its luster. It can accrue scratches, chips, and assorted wear-and-tear. This fact of life cannot always be helped, especially if one works with their hands and chooses not to remove the ring. Some materials are more vulnerable than others, so your choice of material should be optimal for your lifestyle.

For example, gold rings have poor abrasion resistance and get nicked easily. Meanwhile, a ring made entirely from silicone — yes, really — is much more hardy than most, as well as much harder to remove. People who work under more strenuous conditions can wear them under gloves with little issue.

Another key concern is health. You may be surprised to learn that some people are allergic to certain metals. In these cases, the slightest contact can cause rashes, swelling, and other forms of discomfort. Make sure that the recipient of the ring, whether it is you or your beloved, gets tested for any possible reactions.

Alternatively, you can choose a ring made from a hypoallergenic material. Few people, if any, are allergic to stainless steel. Platinum is another safe choice, along with its derivative palladium. All three can produce beautiful and durable rings without even containing a trace of a potentially triggering metal.

A person’s fingers may shift in their girth throughout their lives, and any rings on those fingers may need to be resized accordingly. However, only certain metals — the softer ones, like gold and silver — are capable of being customized like that. For anything harder, like titanium, you may have to replace the whole thing.

This factor is worth considering at the outset, especially because of its relationship with other factors. The resizable metals are generally more expensive and less durable. The ones that cannot be resized are typically less vulnerable and more economical. You must decide which values you will prioritize.

Customizing the Ring’s Appearance
Once you choose the material, everything else about the ring’s appearance will follow. Your band’s visual and textural qualities can be just as unique as your marriage. If you can afford it, you have plenty of freedom to make it look how you like. Here are some of the aspects of men’s wedding rings that you can customize.

Most traditional rings are curved on the outside and the inside. People have historically found them comfortable to wear, even if inner-curved bands leave grooves on the fingers. Making them so that they are flat on the inside and curved on the outside is also traditional.

If you want something modern and trendy, we suggest customizing the ring so that it is flat on both sides. The visual effect is more striking than you may expect. Just be careful, though, because rings of this sort may loosen more easily.

The finish is the final treatment of the metal, a layer on the surface that holds everything together. It can be reflective if you want, as with a high polish finish. Romantics may enjoy the thought of gazing at the ring with their beloved and seeing their blissful faces smiling back.

Alternative approaches can create a more interesting effect on the surface’s appearance. Brush, satin, and sandblast finishes obfuscate the reflectiveness and create intriguing textures in the process. There are many options available.

Many metal bands are uniform on all sides, and few men’s wedding rings even have a shiny rock as decoration. If you want it to stand out or reflect something about the wearer’s tastes and personality, though, you can get it carved or engraved with special patterns and even text.

An otherwise plain piece of jewelry can prove dazzling with the addition of flourishes and etchings and linework. It can even be more romantic with a special message, such as the name of the wearer’s beloved or a significant date. It will hopefully be worn for the rest of one’s life, so one might as well get creative.

Getting the Right Fit
All this careful thought and work will not mean anything at all if the ring itself does not fit on the recipient’s finger. Choosing the right size requires a careful balance. If its width is too small, then one cannot slip it onto the finger — or worse, one cannot get it back out. If it is too loose, then it may easily slip off and get lost.

Everyone should know their finger size before getting a ring. Finding out is often as simple as visiting a jewelry store or similar business. The exam is often free of charge, with no expectation of purchase. Please note that in most cases, the men’s wedding ring should be one size bigger for a more snug fit.

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