Classic Men's Wedding Bands

Men’s Classic Wedding Bands

Your wedding band is a timeless and long-lasting physical reflection of you and your love. It’s a personalized, beautiful representation of the bond you share. Luvari offers a variety of men’s classic wedding bands that will showcase the commitment you have for each other.

Top Rated Classic Wedding Bands for Men

Our top-rated men’s classic wedding bands come in different styles and metals. From the most common choice of yellow gold to white gold, platinum, rose gold, tungsten, or cobalt we offer many different designs so one of them will surely speak to you. You can also choose men’s wedding bands with gems, or two-tone bands. With Luvari craftsmanship, you know you are making the right selection.

Men’s Classic Wedding Band Collection

There is a lot to consider when you are choosing a men’s classic wedding band. Some materials, such as gold, are very soft. This makes engraving and resizing easier, but the ring will not be as durable. Platinum, a harder and more long-lasting metal, will be more expensive. You can also choose a different finish for your ring. You can make it polished and shiny or you could have finishes that create a dramatic effect. Whatever you are looking for, we have it in our vast collection, or you could design your own.

Featured Men’s Classic Wedding Bands

For a twist on the classic men’s wedding band, look into our Cambio rings. Cambio rings can be made with any metal in several different styles. They stand out in that they have grooves on the outside of the rings where you can put different color strips in the grooves. As your love changes throughout the days, your ring can also change appearance. It’s an ever-evolving twist on the men’s classic wedding band.

Custom Men’s Classic Wedding Bands

We are dedicated to telling your love story through the perfectly designed wedding ring. With high-tech rendering tools, we can take your ideas and show you exactly what your ring will look like. We have an endless array of metals and gems and our talented designers will work with you to realize your dream wedding band.

Featured Men’s Classic Wedding Band Designers

We have attracted some of the best ring designers by giving them the chance to work with a wide variety of customers with different tastes. Our designers want to make the perfect ring for you and they’ll use their years of experience to be sure you are absolutely thrilled with your custom design.

About Our Classic Wedding Bands For Men

You can browse our many men’s classic wedding bands on our website. We have different metals, finishes, and gem options. Classic designs never go out of style. You can also custom-design a ring. We are devoted to your utmost delight in your ring purchase. If you can’t find something that you absolutely love, we can work with you on designing a custom ring.  We use the finest metals and other materials in our classic men’s wedding bands and we want you to be completely thrilled with your choice.

Why Purchase A Classic Wedding Band For Men?

Classic wedding band designs have stood the test of time, just like your love. You can work together to find or design the wedding band of your dreams that provides a statement to the world. Your love is classic, endless, and true, just like your wedding band

What is the Price of A Men’s Classic Wedding Band?

The cost of a men’s classic wedding band is determined by several factors. The type of metal, thickness, and any use of gems will affect the cost of the ring. At Luvari, we offer the best prices, no matter what style of ring you choose.


Enhance Your Married Image with a Men’s Classic Wedding Band

Our accomplished ring designers and knowledgeable sales staff will help you find a ring that will assist you in presenting yourself as a loving married man. You and your future spouse can use ring shopping as another bonding experience. Your ring will be a classic symbol of your future life together.